Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1838

The woman who walked out from the darkness and slowly appeared in the light wore a flowy, white qipao devoid of any other color. Her jet-black hair was loosely worn in a lazy bun at the nape of her neck. Apart from the necklace with a ring near her collarbones, there was no superfluous jewellery on her.

However, the instant the girl appeared in the light, she was akin to a sun in the night sky. That split second of youth was enough to overshadow everything else on Earth.

The host, the actors, the guests, the fans, and the media...

In that huge exhibition centre, there was a deathly stillness as if by making a sound, everything before them would disappear like flowers in the mirror and the reflection of the moon in the lake.

"Ning Xi..." Among the crowd, someone murmured

Then, this name was like a wave that rapidly rolled through the entire venue and was surging into everyone's ears. Everyone suddenly stared at the woman who had slowly walked to the centre of the stage as if they had just woken up from a dream. Like a rising tide, the voices became increasingly louder...

"Oh my God... Ning Xi... It's really Ning Xi..." There were female fans who lost control and cried out loud in disbelief.

"This... This is impossible..."


Even more confused than the fans and crowd off stage was Wang Haojun who was backstage.

Wang Haojun had just slowly regained his senses from Ning Xi's shocking appearance. He was on the verge of breaking down. "What's happening!? Isn't it supposed to be Jiang Muye on stage? Why is it Ning Xi?!"

On the side, the public relations officer was dumbfounded too. He was a mess and was going all around like a spinning top to ask what had happened.

It was no better on stage. The two professional hosts gaped at each other speechlessly, unable to say a single word. Even Zheng Anru, who was always composed and had a glib tongue, was taken aback.

Meanwhile, Han Zixuan, who had just finished her live performance, was now standing on the side blankly.

A moment ago, she was still a red goddess who stood tall, but now she was like an insignificant passerby, completely disregarded by everyone.

At last, it was Xu Tao who calmly took the microphone from the spaced out hosts' hands and said unhurriedly, "Dear all, good evening! We're very honored to have received the organizer's repeated invites to attend the promotional ceremony for 'The World'..."

When he heard Xu Tao's words, Wang Haojun who was backstage almost spat blood out.

Xu Tao! Mother! F*cking! Bullshit! Since when did I repeatedly invite you?

Was he crazy? Would he have invited Ning Xi?!

"CEO Wang, what do we do now? With everyone watching, we can't just chase her off-stage!" The public relations director had his brows beaded with sweat.

"Get the people up-front to brace themselves! She's just a has-been female star! What's the panic?" Wang Haojun snarled.

"Yes... Yes..." The subordinate wiped off the sweat on his forehead, then his gaze could not help but fall onto the woman beside Xu Tao. At the same time, he muttered to himself, "Outdated female star?"

However, once this outdated female star went on stage, she had actually made Han Zixuan, who had all eyes on her just a moment ago, look stupid.

Earlier, even they were not alarmed first. Instead, they lost herself in her by instinct.

At the same time at a certain large-scale arcade in Imperial.

Jiang Muye wore flip flops while he sucked on a lollipop. His facial hair was unkempt while his hair was messy like a bird's nest.

With his looks at the moment, even if he bumped into a fan directly, he would not be recognized.


When he saw the bright red words flashing on the screen, indicating that the game had ended, the man exasperatedly hammered a fist on the machine.

Hey! He was still flighty and impatient...

Today was the promotional event by that group of idiots...

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