Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1840

At the exhibition centre.

After a round of chaos, things finally went back to order and they were about to set things straight.

As an outdated star, if she was willing to go there and humiliate herself to add some highlights to their show, why not?

However, right after the organizers calmed down, the fans started to make a big fuss.

The discussions were getting more and more out of hand in the venue. Everyone was jostling around crazily, while the security guards were threatening the crowd with batons and kept on blowing their whistles, but it was all futile. There were cries and screams of people being pushed in the crowd

"Uhh, I understand everyone's excited, but please control yourself a little!"

"Right, everyone please be quiet!"

The hosts tried to calm the crowd, but no one listened to them. They looked at Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru helplessly.

Zhen Anru's expression was stormy as Ning Xi's appearance had caused such a big commotion.

Having already calmed down, Han Zixuan picked up the microphone and said gently, "Can my fans please keep it down? Thank you, everyone!"

If it had moments before, with their idol's request they would have listened instantly, but these people had already lost their mind and were still pushing around like mad.

"My God! Is that really Ning Xi?"

"Ah, don't push! Stop pushing!"

"Could the organizers have found another imitator somewhere?!"

The whole venue was echoing with the name "Ning Xi". With the fans getting more and more aggressive, the organizers were a mess and the scene was about to go out of control.

Suddenly, there was a voice from the microphone. "Shh."

A familiar voice then emerged within the mess. "Can the gentlemen here please take care of the girls around them and not let them be pushed, please?"

It was not a loud voice. It was a warm and harmless one, which was almost drowned out within the crowd, yet it yielded some mysterious power.

The men in the crowd suddenly stopped. Not only did they stop pushing around, they also stopped the others from nudging, at the same time, protecting the girls around them by putting up their arms. The similarly once-crazy girls suddenly acted like genuinely feminine ladies when they heard Ning Xi.

In just three seconds, order had returned to the venue and it was quiet.

This powerful... and stunning influence

The PR Director of Starlight looked terrible.

He suddenly remembered that Ning Xi's fans were famous for being orderly. Her events always seemed to be under military-grade management. In fact, it was usually the most orderly one among all artistes.

While Han Zixuan took on most of Ning Xi's fanbase, they did not maintain this same trait. The moment Ning Xi returned, the fans that Han Zixuan could not control suddenly became obedient.

This was

The two hosts who had been busy trying to calm the crowd, looked at each other awkwardly when the fans hushed.

After a short moment of silence, the both of them returned to their senses and quickly arranged seats for the guests.

Han Zixuan was the one and only main character today, but they had to change the tide no matter what...

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