Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1841

"Uhm, I believe everyone didn't expect us to invite the national goddess of the former days, Ning Xi, to attend today. Everybody must be surprised!"

"Even the hosts were shocked! Ning Xi has left the industry for a year after all!"

After receiving signals from Zheng Anru, the hosts looked passionate but were talking with hidden motives behind their words. Then, suddenly they took a sharp turn. "Ms. Ning, what do you think about Zixuan's performance earlier? The fans and audience were really satisfied with Zixuan's acting as Meng Changge!"

This question

The host said that the fans and audience were satisfied. If Ning Xi said otherwise, would she not be going against the fans?

If she replied that she was pleased with it, it would indicate that Han Zixuan's actual performance was worth looking forward to.

As long as Ning Xi tried to be a little bit humble, it was easy to imagine how they would take advantage of it. The article titles would revolve around the lines of "Ning Xi Was Impressed By The Live Performance", "The New Generations Are Taking Over", and become a stepping stone

Ning Xi did not bat an eye to the trap set by the hosts. She just said, "The eyes of the fans and audiences are never wrong."

Zheng Anru smiled sarcastically as Ning Xi had fallen into the trap.

It was unexpected for Ning Xi to appear here, but it would be beneficial!

"Thank you, Senior, I still have lots to learn," replied Han Zixuan humbly.

But the term "Senior" she used was full of sarcasm.

No matter the hosts or Han Zixuan, they had deliberately used the terms "formerly", "Senior", "once"... Constantly reminding that Ning Xi was a past tense

Zheng Anru spoke up casually, "Zixuan still has a lot of room for improvement. Since it's a rare occasion that Senior Ning Xi is here today, why don't we have a short battle here and give Zixuan a lesson?"

"That's right, Ms. Ning, give us a performance! Everyone must be looking forward to it, right, everybody?" The hosts went along.

Xu Tao's expression changed before Ning Xi could say anything."Nope, Ning Xi's not feeling well lately. She might not be able to take it."

Zheng Anru felt even gleeful as Xu Tao rejected. She would never let this chance slip away.

Ning Xi had been a stuntwoman before. With her extraordinary capabilities, she had herself a huge fan base, but she must have become rusty after a whole year out of the industry. So what if her face had not changed? The character Meng Changge needed something more than just an appearance!

Judging by her weak and gentle demeanour, it was obvious that she could not handle it.

If Ning Xi's image were to be destroyed in front of all the fans here, Zixuan's future would be tightly secured!

"Ah... I see! How unfortunate! But it's just a short one, so it should be fine, right? Ms. Ning's Meng Changge was loved by everyone after all, so I'm sure there are a lot of old fans here who'd love to witness Ms. Ning's performance once again!" The host insisted, driving the point that they would not let her go until she performed.

"Bro Tao is too worried. It's alright. Is there a pike here?" Ning Xi did not seem to mind and asked.

Xu Tao looked concerned as he remembered that Liang Feixing had reminded him that Ning Xi was sick and had just recovered recently, so he could never let her do anything too tiring or extreme.

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