Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1843

This useless thing! Rubbish!

This professional stunt double that she had hired at a high salary had actually lost to a woman on the spot.

After that receiving Zheng Anru's fierce gaze, the staff's body subconsciously shook. In the next second, there was a malevolence in the man's eyes as he suddenly picked up the pike by his feet and attacked Ning Xi who was off-guard without warning.


At this second, the pike in Ning Xi's hand had flown out at lighting speed and brushed past his neck. With a loud bang, it pierced the wall behind him.

In the screen that enlarged the action on-stage, the pike had chopped off some hair by the man's ears. The pike had pierced into the wall and was stuck there upright, while the martial arts actor's body had stiffened. His extremely frightened expression was magnified just like that on the huge screen, creating an immense visual impact...

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" The venue fell silent for three seconds, then came the shrieks and whistling that went through the roof.

"You let me win." Ning Xi casually handed the pike in her hand over to the staff on the side and slowly took her seat once again.

There was no striking red outfit or heroic look using makeup. Even if she was currently in a demureqipaoand had a bun on her head, no one doubted that at that moment, the soul in her body was Meng Changge's!

Even if there would be one day when that personreturned to civilian life, even if one day that person's body decayed, she would still be Meng Changge!

"Changge! Changge! Changge!" The old fans present started to shout out. They were so emotional that they could not speak.

"Ning Xi, is your body doing okay?" Ning Xi had just returned when Xu Tao asked worriedly like an amah [1].

"I'm fine." Ning Xi shook her head. There was already a thin layer of sweat on her forehead and her wrist was also swollen with pain, but it was a good thing that it had not taken too long earlier, so there was not much of an issue.

At this moment, as she watched the reaction of the crowd, Zheng Anru clutched her fingers tightly. She was ashen-faced.

It was over...

There was no way to redeem this...

Initially, she was ready to destroy the image of Ning Xi in the fans' hearts, butinstead she had proven that she could not be surpassed.

This was practically digging her own grave!


She definitely could not let this happen!

Once such an impression was made for the fans, it would all be over!

"Senior, you've proven yourself to be worthy of being a senior. Indeed you're old but still vigorous. Our Zixuan is still very young. It looks like she's still too inexperienced!" Zheng Anru smiled insincerely as she clapped and praised Ning Xi, but she had intentionally emphasized on the word "old", giving prominence to Han Zixuan's youth.

In reality, Han Zixuan was about the same age as Ning Xi.

When Zheng Anru said this, she forced a smile and skimmed those emotional fans present, then she said unhurriedly, "It's a pleasant surprise that Senior Ning Xi could attend today. However, it's even more so a surprise, right?

"After all, Senior Ning Xi has already retired a year ago. Back then, your fans were very sad!

"Today, after Senior has left for more than a year, you've suddenly appeared once again. Isn't there some anything that you want to explain to your fans?"

Zheng Anru sneered, her every sentence meant to instigate. There was no doubt that she was trying to incite the fans' resentment and the conflict between Ning Xi and her fans in this long one year.

Silly fans, have you forgotten how cruel this woman was back then? How she had irresponsibly vanished without a word?

Such a person... Is she really still worthy of you people continuing to like her?

With Zheng Anru's words, the fans, who had been still emotionally cheering earlier, instantly fell silent.

Among the fans who had come today, most of them were Han Zixuan and Jiang Muye's fans.

Almost all of Han Zixuan's fans and a part of Jiang Muye's fans had been Ning Xi's loyal fans back then...

On stage, Ning Xi sat there quietly and she remained silent for a good while.

Xu Tao's heart instantly tightened. The thing he worried most about had still happened...

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