Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845: No Ning Xi, No The World
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The girl, who had been quietly singing on stage, already had tears streaming down her face...

The moment the music stopped and the lights were turned back on, the girl bowed to everyone.

Flooded with their memories of Ning Xi, countless pairs of bloodshot eyes and everyone's tear-stained faces looked back at her.

Among the crowd, someone spoke up and broke the silence.

"Xi fans are everywhere. Bro Xi is irreplaceable!"

This familiar slogan of the fans suddenly sparked something within people's hearts.

Suddenly, like a huge wave, everyone started shouting together.

"Xi fans are everywhere. Bro Xi is irreplaceable!"

"Xi fans are everywhere. Bro Xi is irreplaceable!"

"Xi fans are everywhere. Bro Xi is irreplaceable!"

In the VIP seat, Zhuang Keer stood up as her eyes watered. She led the crowd and shouted, "Never forget our first aspiration! We'll follow you to your brightest."

Suddenly, everyone followed, "Never forget our first aspiration, we'll follow you to your brightest!"

Zhuang Rongguang wiped his tears beside Zhuang Keer and he shouted loudly, "No Ning Xi, no 'The World'!"

"No Ning Xi, no 'The World'!"

"No Ning Xi, no 'The World'!"

"No Ning Xi, no 'The World'!"

Until Ning Xi bowed and left, the crowd still shouted unanimously. Their voices echoed through the whole venue as they watched the girl leave.

That was their idol, their belief, their youth

So what if she left before?

We are here! We are always here!

Below the stage, there was a chubby girl crying on her friend's shoulder.

The friend patted her back and comforted her, "Alright now. Bro Xi is back now, isn't it?!"

"I'm not crying about that!"

"Then, what are you crying about?"

"I'm crying about why I was so stupid to betray Bro Xi, and changed myself to like that imposter Han Zixuan. I don't deserve to be Bro Xi's fan!"

"Uhh, don't be upset! A lot of people are stupid too!"

The chubby girl smiled and her eyes brightened. "There are some people who reappear and teach me what's irreplaceable"

At the same time.

Han Zixuan's face turned pale. Zhang Anru was really frustrated. She should not have let Ning Xi sing. The two hosts had no idea what to say now. They did not know how to set things straight.

The investors in the VIP seats were dumbfounded, and backstage, Wang Haojun was looking at the fans still crying and yelling their slogan. He almost passed out when he saw Han Zixuan's fans shouting Ning Xi's name.

He had spent so much money inviting all the media here but in the end

It had become a comeback show for Ning Xi.

The new version of "The World" was pushed to the back. The fans had all returned to Ning Xi just because of a song.

Now, he understood that Glory World Entertainment was here to mess things up! They had messed it thoroughly too! The whole stage was destroyed!

The PR Director hid somewhere as he looked at the excited fans outside. He was impressed.

He thought that Han Zixuan was really not surpassable, but once the original returned, no matter how popular and good looking Han Zixuan was, it would all become mediocre.

The light of a firefly could never compare to the sun.
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