Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1847

In the car.

Xu Tao was in an extremely jovial mood. "Ning Xi, your singing just now was great! In addition to the video I brought, it made the whole scene so emotional! Even I cried like an idiot! Now, that's really efficient! I was still thinking about how to explain to the fans"

Xu Tao then remembered how Ning Xi went against the reporter just now, then he said worriedly, "Um, but Ning Xi, don't you think that what you told the reporters just now was a little inappropriate? Jiang Muye's matter is really troublesome! I understand that you want to help Jiang Muye, but saying such words in public might get you dragged into it too!"

"They will apologize." Ning Xi's tone was firm.

Ning Xi then took out her phone and made a call.

Xu Tao looked over curiously, wondering who she had called.

It did not matter who she looked for on this matter, did it?

That photo was everything!

Unless Chen Mian clarified it personally

But it was impossible!

Chen Mian treated that movie as his life. Because of that, Jiang Muye had not uttered a word until now.

Even with Ning Xi's relationship with Chen Mian, it was pretty impossible to convince him.

"Hello, Director Chen, long time no see!"

Xu Tao then noticed Ning Xi really had called Chen Mian after all!

"You... Ning... Ning Xi?" Chen Mian sounded like he just went through a horrifying experience. "Damn! I just saw the stream! I thought I was having hallucinations! Are you really back? Heck, it's been a year and three months! I thought you've gone back to space!"

"Ah, I'm honored that the renowned Director Chen still remembers me," said Ning Xi.

Chen Mian realized that Ning Xi's tone held some tightness, then he coughed lightly, "Well, you called me because..."

"Jiang Muye," Ning Xi straightforwardly stated Jiang Muye's name, "Director Chen, aren't you being really irresponsible about this?"

Chen Miang sounded awkward. "Ah, I know, I know it must be really tough on Jiang Muye! But I'm a victim too!

"I've been carefully keeping it a secret. I didn't expect there'd be a leak!

"I don't know if they told you about it, but my movie revolves around a sensitive topic and can never be released here. I'm aiming for an international movie festival!

"Well... My movie is going through the screening process at the moment. If I reveal it now, my higher-ups would surely forbid me from joining an international event, then who should I go to? The movie would go to waste then!"

"So, you're letting Jiang Muye bear all the consequences?"

Chen Mian was struggling. "Ning Xi, I know you feel unjust on behalf of Jiang Muye. I've worked with him in many movies and know him well. I'm really grateful that he's been so kind to me. After I'm done with the screening process and confirm my entry, then I'll clarify it instantly. Is that okay?"

"It would be too late by then!"

"B-But it's the only way now! If not, what do you want me to do?" Chen Mian sounded helpless.

"Clarify everything now."

"My dear Lord, aren't you giving me a hard time? If I clarify now, my movie will be destroyed!"

"I'll give you one back if it's destroyed."

"Okay! I'll clarify right away!" There was a quick change of tone from Chen Mian.

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