Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1853

As Jiang Muye and Ning Xi were talking, a hefty person rushed over at the speed of light.

"My Lord! You're finally back! Oh my God, why are you like this? If your fans saw you"

Lei Ming felt his heart ache when he saw Jiang Muye's miserable look at that moment.

You need to look good for your career, my Lord!

"What if they saw me?" Jiang Muye narrowed his eyes as he demanded threateningly.

"Um, they'll surely still love you as always!" Lei Ming changed his tone quickly.

Lei Ming then told Jiang Muye happily, "Muye, did you see Weibo? Chen Mian clarified the truth on behalf of you. The Internet is in a chaos now. Everyone is apologizing to you and saying that you're a real man for keeping promises.

"Your fans were crying because they misunderstood you. They were heartbroken about what you've through!

"The best part was that Director Liang had arranged for his team to lead the discussions and targeted Han Zixuan"

"Targeted her?" Jiang Muye raised an eyebrow.

"Yes! Think about it! Chen Mian made the movie in secret, so who would've leaked it?"

Ning Xi then said, "The biggest beneficiary, of course."

"Yes! And the biggest beneficiary here is Han Zixuan!" Lei Ming said.

Jiang Muye did not seem impressed. "Would the fans believe it? That woman is kinda normal at acting, but she's an expert at tricking her fans!"

Lei Ming sounded confident. "With Director Liang behind this, they'd at least think about it even if they don't believe it fully. It'd be enough as long as someone doubts it!

"Most importantly, it's impossible for Han Zixuan to get away from this unscathed. She's the main cast after all and knew about the movie, but she hid the truth and let everyone misunderstand your relationship with her all for her own benefit. She even allowed the organizers to demand a public apology from you. It's a severe issue of her character; more like she's just shameless!

"At least, for now, your rumor with her has been cleared!"

Jiang Muye looked better when he heard the bit that he wanted to know the most.

Lei Ming then went closer to their ears and whispered quietly, "That's not all! I heard the latest update about Chen Mian's Weibo attracting so much attention that the higher-ups invited him over. His movie is probably done for! Han Zixuan's going to reap what she sowed!"

"Ning Xi, I'm really grateful for you this time!" Lei Ming thanked her with teary eyes, almost worshipping Ning Xi as his God.

He had thought he was really going to die this time!

Unexpectedly, Ning Xi had just solved all the critical issues in just a few hours!

Ning Xi beamed at Jiang Muye, then shereplied Lei Ming, "You're welcome, Bro Ming. We're family after all."

Lei Ming thought Ning Xi meant that they were in the same company, thus they were a family. "Right, right, a family!"

Jiang Muye was speechless.

"Muye, although your fans love you, you should take a shower right now! I'll go talk to Director Liang about what happens next!" Lei Ming then went away happily.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Jiang Muye's image was too wild and not mature enough, so what had happened this time was advantageous towards his change.

More and more young men were appearing in the industry, and at Jiang Muye's age, he should have changed his style a long time ago!

It just showed how lucky they were to have Ning Xi!

"Who's family with you?!" Jiang Muye's expression darkened and tried to argue with Ning Xi when Lei Ming left.

Ning Xi took the wedding ring out from the necklace. "Be good, call me Aunt!"

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