Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1859

"What did Aunty say?" Lu Tingxiao asked after Meng Linlang left.

At this point in time, Ning Xi could somewhat guess what Lu Tingxiao was thinking about even when he did not show any emotions.

Ning Xi could sense that his question was not as simple as it seemed.

She carefully comforted him, "Don't worry, she's not trying to do anything weird. Aunty is really happy with both you and Little Treasure!

"She just asked me how Father and Mother treating me. I told her everything's fine. She also asked... when are we having our wedding... and when to announce our relationship to the public"

Lu Tingxiao raised an eyebrow when he heard her.

Ning Xi closed in and murmured, "I said soon! With the current situation, I just need good timing!"

Lu Tingxiao grinned. "Thank you,my wife, for the title."

Ning Xi coughed guiltily. "You're most welcomed! I swear it's real this time! Oh, I'm meeting a friend of Aunty's tonight. She said that I should make contact with more powerful people."

"Aunty is right. She's genuinely good to you."

In the evening, Meng Linlang went over to pick Ning Xi up. Her eyes brightened when she saw the dress on Ning Xi.

"Xiao Xi, your outfit looks great."

Ning Xi was relieved. "Really? I was wondering if it might be too simple."

Meng Linlang shook her head. "Not at all. It's great. The fashion sense in Imperial lately has been so weird. The overly colorful style is in trend, and they claim that it's true Chinese fashion.

"While it does look nice, it can get annoying after some time. Seeing a dress like yours among them is really refreshing!"

Especially on a beautiful girl like her niece, this simple outfit made her look like a fairy straight out of a painting.

"If my designer heard your remarks, he'd surely be overjoyed!" Ning Xi said happily.

"This is your own brand? Spirit?" Meng Linlang asked in awe. She remembered that Keer liked this brand.

"Yes, my designer went into a slump a while ago and the company wasn't doing so well. This dress I'm wearing is from a new series my designer did recently. The theme of the series is 'back to the origins'," replied Ning Xi.

"Back to origins indeed! Your designer is really talented. While everyone is using all kinds of colors extravagantly, he jumped out of the box and reached a new level!" Meng Linlang was an expert on fashion herself, so she analyzed and explained her opinion to Ning Xi.

"If your designer is available, can he custom make one for me too?"

Ning Xi quickly replied, "Of course, as long as you don't mind!"

Soon, the car reached the venue.

Meng Linlang wore an elegant beigeqipao. Her well-maintained appearance hid her real age and Ning Xi did not seem like a youngster beside her; they were more like a pair of siblings.

"Xiao Xi, Madam Li You and I grew up together in the same military zone and we're really good friends. Don't be too shy towards her. Just think of her as family."

"Mmm, I got it, Aunty." Ning Xi nodded obediently.

Ning Xi understood her aunt's goodwill and was also clear about Meng Linlang's intention of bringing her here.

Just a few steps ahead was the Heavenly Spring Resort.

The resort was located in a quiet area with beautiful surroundings. There was a naturally-formed river right in front and it was a comfortable place with the cool breeze gently blowing.

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