Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1863

After the two left, Ning Xi received a call from Meng Linlang.

"I'm sorry, Xiao Xi. I have an emergency here. I've asked someone to go and get you. Follow her inside first. I'll be there soon!"

"It's alright, Aunty, don't mind me!"

Ning Xi did not mention what had happened to Meng Linlang to avoid any conflict between her and the host. It was just a small misunderstanding of the two waitresses after all.

After Ning Xi hung up, a waitress in the same uniform as the two girls earlier came over.

The waitress was slightly taken aback by the girl's appearance and aura, but she maintained her professionalism and composure.

"Hello, Madam Zhuang asked me to come for you. Please follow me."

"Thank you."

On the way, the waitress peeked at the girl beside her secretly.

Just who was this girl to Meng Linlang? She had never seen her before.

She looked like a certain celebrity, but her aura was slightly different…

Maybe she just looked similar…

While she was curious, it was inappropriate for her to ask in her position, so she just speculated.

At the same time, the small ladies-only party was becoming lively within the resort.

The two receptionists from earlier put up a huge sweet smile on their faces and walked around as they served the honorable madams.

Madam Li was surrounded in the center and laughter was all around.

The topics among the ladies mostly revolved around the same few things: clothes, accessories, men, and gossip. Of course, they would also try to pass on subtle hints regarding what they intended for someone else to know.

It was a diplomatic affair between the ladies.

Most of the time, a lady's "diplomacy" occupied an important position in the field of business and politics.

When Ning Xueluo and Zheng Minjun arrived, they saw a whole venue of elusive people there. Most of them were the head ladies of prestigious families and the wives of high-ranking government officers.

Ning Xueluo and Zheng Minjun were pretty renowned in the business industry, but they were both nobodies here.

When they arrived, Ning Xueluo's referral briefly greeted them and returned back to chatting.

Nevertheless, the both of them did not mind at all as their positions were on the line after all.

Zheng Minjun felt really proud and excited when she saw such a classy gathering. She could not wait for the gathering to end so that she could start boasting about it to her other friends!

Ning Xueluo looked around and started off mingling with a wife from a rich family she knew. She slowly joined in the conversations.

While she could not find the chance to talk to Madam Li yet, she understood that it was not something to be rushed. It would be considered a success if she could become familiar today because overdoing it might leave a bad impression.

After a while, Ning Xueluo spotted a unique magnolia brooch on Madam Li, so she waited for an opportunity to try to strike up a conversation. "Madam Li, the brooch on you looks really special. I wonder where you got it from. I've been struggling to find a present for my mother's birthday soon!"

Because Ning Xueluo spoke up, everyone was checking her out.

This strange girl seemed outstanding and had a gentle vibe too. She was most likely from a well-off family.

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