Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1865

Li You was very upset that her gathering had been disturbed. Just as she was about to send her off, Meng Linlang suddenly appeared and furiously yelled at the two waitresses, "How insolent!"

"You're asking her, Meng Linlang's niece, to clean your toilets?! How dare you?!"

Meng Linlang was from a military family, after all, so her aura was definitely intimidating when she became angry. The vibe of fury shrouded the whole venue.

Everyone was dumbfounded by Meng Linlang's appearance and her scolding!

The two waitresses froze and looked at each other in fear. They could not believe it…

This... this dirty actress... was Meng Linlang's niece?

How... how was that possible!?

Zheng Mingjun had said that she was just someone's mistress!

But Meng Linlang's words could not be wrong…

What happened?

Their minds totally went blank!

The short-haired waitress was shivering. "M-Madam Zhuang... It's not like that... It's a misunderstanding... W-we are mistaken…"

The sharp-chinned waitress went along as well. "Yes, yes, we got the wrong person! We're mistaken! Please forgive our ignorance!"

Meng Linlang's expression did not soften at all while listening to their explanation. It turned worse instead as she stared at them and smiled coldly. "You're mistaken? So, you mean Xiao Xi looks like a waitress, and someone who's not even worthy to clean the toilets here?!"

With her firm and sharp tone, the two waitresses had weak knees and almost fell down on the spot.

On the other hand, the waitress Xiao Cai who was on the verge of crying earlier had led Ning Xi in , then just stood there and watched in silence…

She thought she was dead for sure! The ones who were mistaken were them instead of her!

She was almost scared to death!

This girl had such an exceptional aura. How could she get the wrong person?

Ning Xi saw Meng Linlang was really angry, so she said gently, "Aunty, it's fine…"

It was a private gathering after all. Madam Li was Meng Linlang's close friend, and Meng Linlang would be put in a tight spot if the conflict escalated because of her.

Meng Linlang was treating her really well, so she did not want to cause any more trouble.

It was the reason why she wanted to clear things up instead of making a big fuss with the two of them just now.

Meng Linlang, of course, understood that Ning Xi was enduring it for her sake. She smiled coldly. "It's fine?"

She then threw a sharp gaze around the room. "Li You! Is this how your Heavenly Spring Resort treats guests?!"

Li You had no idea things would have escalated this way.

This two idiots! How could they make such stupid mistakes!?

Just who did they think Meng Linlang was!? Even as the wife of a minister, she would not be able to help if someone offended her!

With her understanding of Meng Linlang, she was really angered. It was obvious that this girl was really important to her and the Zhuang family.

Even Li You freaked out with Meng Linlang raging and the whole room was silent. No one dared to say anything.

Li You quickly put on her shawl, then she glared at the two waitresses and quickly went over to apologize.

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