Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1869

"Really? That's great!" The lady was really looking forward to it.

Li You could not help but tell Meng Linlang, "It's tough being an actress. Why do you let Xiao Xi suffer?"

Li You felt that an acting career was unbefitting of someone with Ning Xi's status, but she was straightforward about it because she was close friends with Meng Linlang.

Ning Xi said, "I quite like acting myself, so I don't feel that way."

Meng Linlang, of course, understood what Li Youwas implying. She replied, "The girls from the Zhuang family can do anything they want as long as they are relying on themselves. We don't fuss over it too much!"

People might not care about it if it had come from someone else, but no one was about to talk back when it came out of Meng Linlang's mouth.

With the Zhuang family's background, what could be impossible for Ning Xi?

There were several artistes in the industry who might not look special, but they were from families with powerful backgrounds. Most outsiders did not know about it, and only a few people were privy to this information.

These people were on a different level from normal artistes.

Moreover, with Ning Xi's popularity back then, her reputation was well-maintained in the people's hearts, which was why these ladies did not think terribly negatively about Ning Xi's career.

No matter how messy was the entertainment industry was, it was impossible for Ning Xi to get involved with the chaos, given her background.

On the contrary, they realized that this girl not only had an outstanding appearance and aura, but her personality was really pleasant too.

She had maintained her composure while facing the two rude waitresses just now. Besides that, she was also able to keep a cool head when discussing her career. She possessed the character of a daughter from a prestigious family.

Without a doubt, she was one of the best candidates for the head lady of a family.

Suddenly, all the ladies with sons reaching the ripe age of marriage were all interested in Ning Xi

Zheng Minjun felt terrible when she noticed that everyone was interested in Ning Xi.

When Ning Xueluo saw how everyone was treating Ning Xi and how the conversation was mixed with the intention of marriage, she could not stay there anymore. She made an excuse of feeling uncomfortable and left the gathering that had taken her a lot of effort to get in.

Zheng Minjun was worried that what she had said to the waitresses would be brought up, so the both of them left together.

Before they left, Zheng Minjun looked at Ning Xi's direction and gave her an odd gaze.

As everyone was trying to find out more from Meng Linlang, there were footsteps outside the room. A few waitresses came into the room with delicately packaged gifts.

Behind the waitresses was a young man in a grey suit.

The waitresses opened a path and the man stepped forward. He called out to Li You, "Mother."

"Muyan, why are you here?" Li You smiled when she saw her son.

"I just finished work. I heard that you were hosting some guests here, so I just came over to say hi."

Li Muyan then signaled the waitresses to hand out the gifts. He then apologized sincerely, "The mistakes of the Heavenly Spring Resort's management caused disturbance to everyone here. I hereby apologize!"

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