Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1870

Seeing how the rumored son of Madam Li was being so handsome and responsible, everyone had high praises for him.

"You're welcome, Mr. Li. It's just a small matter and nothing much!"

"So, this is your son, Madam Li. He looks as good as the rumors go!"

After some small talk with the guests, Li Muyan went up to Meng Linlang and greeted her. His tone was much more intimate than the other guests. "Aunty Lin!"

Meng Linlang's expression softened when she saw the lovely youngster. "Muyan, you're back!"

"Aunty Lin, about earlier"

Meng Linlang knew what he was going to say, then she interrupted him, "It's fine. It's already settled, so let's forget about it. I'm not so petty over such small matters and Xiao Xi isn't someone who'd keep a grudge as well."

Meng Linlang then called out to Ning Xi who was surrounded by a group of ladies, "Xiao Xi, come here!"

The group of ladies was suddenly very interested in her private matters, and she almost crumbled before them.

She was relieved when Meng Linlang called her.


The girl came out of the crowd, heading towards Meng Linlang's direction.

Li Muyan turned over when he heard the clear voice. In just one glance, he froze.

The girl wore a little whitedress. He skimmed her long,dark hair and her unbelievably gorgeous face, especially her eyes... the smile in her eyes

A huge ray of light just exploded inside his mind.

"Muyan, this is Xiao Xi," Meng Linlang introduced, "Xiao Xi, this is Aunty You's son, Li Muyan. He's two years older than you, so you should call him your brother."

Ning Xi nodded. "Hello, Bro Muyan. I'm Ning Xi."

Li Muyan came back to his senses and managed to cover up his stunned expression. "Hello, Xiao Xi. I've heard about you from Aunty Lin. We finally meet today."

While Li Muyan's behavior was good enough to cover up and not let anyone notice, it did not escape Li You.

It was just a brief moment, but Li You was able to detect that moment of oddness in her son's eyes.

Her son frequently traveled everywhere around the globe, but she had never seen any girl that caught his eye.

His marriage was one of her most worrying dilemmas.

Li You looked at them and said, "Muyan, I'm afraid that Xiao Xi might be a little bored talking to us here. Why don't you bring her around the resort?"

"Of course, if Xiao Xi doesn't mind, I'll be glad to be the tour guide," said Li Muyan.

Ning Xi then looked at Meng Linlang.

Meng Linlang thought of something and her eyes shifted.

Meng Linlang then told Ning Xi gently, "Sure! Go walk around!"

Her goal today was achieved. She was worried that Xiao Xi might not be able to take on so much since these things would take some time.

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