Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1876

"Xiao Xi…"

Su Yan could not hear what was being said over the phone anymore. The noise around him vanished. The only thing in his eyes and his mind was the singing girl in a white qipao .

The girl was pure and beautiful. Her image overlapped with the innocent girl singing in a floral dress in his mind as if she would just disappear in the next moment.

When the video finished, Ning Xi vanished and the man's heart experienced pain and was contracting rapidly.

Xiao Xi!

"CEO Su... CEO Su... Hello?" The driver asked as he did not hear a reply from his boss.

Su Yan ignored the questions and hung up the call, then he opened the search engine.

It did not take much effort. Just by punching in the keywords, he saw all the news about Ning Xi coming out of retirement…

The man finally felt the reality of it sink in after he saw the news article.

The vanished girl had really come back…

The man held onto his phone tightly, his deeply hidden feelings suddenly erupting like a volcano.

At Starlight Entertainment.

Zheng Anru looked at her army in action and said confidently, "Don't worry, Zixuan! Ning Xi's just going to embarrass herself this time!"

After the full-blown excitement about Ning Xi's comeback had passed, under Zheng Anru's lead, more and more people started questioning about Ning Xi's disappearance.

"Ning Xi cunningly distracted everyone in the press conference! It's not so easy covering it up! She's just an abandoned and old star. Everyone spitting on her would be enough to drown her!"

Han Zixuan had been feeling really terrible for the past few days, but her expression softened a little when she saw people were starting to criticize Ning Xi on the Net.

[Motivational Queen of the entertainment industry? Can she tell us what happened in the past year?]

[She's been abandoned by her man, and she remembered she can squeeze out money from her fans. She really thinks everyone are idiots, huh?]

[To be honest, Ning Xi's fans, don't be angry at me. I was a loyal fan of her myself, so I can see that although the performance that day was barely presentable, it is so much different from before! She probably had it going well for the past year and stopped improving herself!]

[Yes! We want the best Bro Xi, not a secondary used item!]


At first, only a few people questioned it, but many people followed the trend. Slowly, some fans were shaken up, but most of the loyal fans and Jiang Muye's fans stayed quiet.

Zheng Anru looked at the collaboration proposals which were increasing by the day. "After Ning Xi made a big fuss, you became even more popular now. It's much better than after the rumor between you and Jiang Muye. They wouldn't just leave you and go back to that old star!"

Han Zixuan was holding her iPad and scrolled through as she lavished in the online comments. "Don't be careless. Ning Xi's side wouldn't be unprepared."

Zheng Anru did not seem to mind. "What could she do? Even if she could do magic, she can't cover the fact that she disappeared for a whole year!"

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