Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1879

Liang Feixing was on the way back to the office when a notification on Xu Tao's second Weibo popped up on his phone.

When he saw this genteel and moving Weibo that was a huge contrast to Xu Tao's messy old-man image, Liang Feixing was rocking between laughter and tears.

Based on his strong point of shamelessness, Xu Tao was quite suitable for being Ning Xi's manager because he could complement what Ning Xi lacked.

Ning Xi was too honest. Even her previous manager, Ling Zhizhi's style was like that too.

One must know that Han Zixuan was someone who would post on Weibo to gain sympathy even if she just caught a cold or scraped off some skin from her arm during acting.

As for Ning Xi, it did not matter how injured she was, or how much hard work she had put in. She had never complained about it to the fans. There was a saying that everyone would ever only see her bright and beautiful side. The media could only say that she was a rare and elusive, talented actress in the entertainment industry as if all of her achievements were only dependent on her gift.

Liang Feixing had just knocked on the door to enter Xu Tao's office when he noticed that Yi Xudong was there too.

Yi Xudong' s expression looked unusually dark. "What's the meaning of this? Such huge news about Ning Xi returning, yet you didn't tell me a thing? As the company CEO, I had to hear it from other people! Now. you two, first you decide on a manager for her and then you hold a press conference! Have you even bothered to ask me first? You leave when you want to, and return when you feel like it. What do you think Glory World is?"

Behind him, Liang Feixing raised a brow. "It turns out that you don't hope for Ning Xi to return to Glory World, CEO Yi... Don't worry, I'll help you pass the message!"

Yi Xudong, who had still been flaunting his authority earlier, suddenly had a change in expression. "Liang Feixing, don't try to drive a wedge here. When did I say that I didn't want Ning Xi to return? I'm just saying that whatever it is, you should've first asked me, the CEO, for instructions!

"Look at the comments online right now! They're unbearable to look at, and that's because you two didn't prepare anything. You just messed things up without saying anything, which is what caused us to be in such a passive position! I'm telling the both of you, from now on, everything about Ning Xi will betaken over completely by me!

"You're both temporarily suspended and I want you to go home right away! What right do you have to rise above the company and decide all of this? Who was it that gave you such guts? You're practically revolting!"

Yi Xudong was like the guilty party filing the suit first. He was even ready to kick them aside while he held on tightly to Ning Xi and relied on her to make his comeback.

Xu Tao and Liang Feixing exchanged a glance. Suddenly, their expressions sunk too. Even though they expected Yi Xudong to make things difficult for them, they did not expect that this guy would be this shameless.

If Yi Xudong really strongly interfered, they would have a lot of trouble on their side too...

At this moment, there were footsteps at the door, followed by a knock. Then, the three of them saw a man in a flashy light blue tuxedo leaning by the door. That delicate and dazzling face was enough to wipe out all the pretty boys in the entertainment industry.

"I've given them the guts. Do you have an opinion?"

The instant the man's lazy voice finished, Xu Tao and Liang Feixing instantly looked emotional as if they had seen their savior. "Second Master!"

Especially Xu Tao, who did not know Ning Xi and the Lu family's layer of relationship, never would have thought that Lu Jingli would appear in the office!

Since Ning Xi's departure, Glory World seemed to be slowly let free by the corporation. After all, in the huge Lu Corporation, with the thousands of companies under its banner, Glory World was just one of Lu Jingli's practice projects.

When Yi Xudong saw Lu Jingli, his overbearing demeanor changed all of a sudden. He turned pale and said with a trembling voice, "Second... Second Master..."

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