Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1881

Some time after Xu Tao updated his status on Weibo.

Zheng Anru saw it right away.

"They're actually having a press conference! Might as well forget about the truth! He thinks he can distract everyone by uttering some weird and ambiguous phrase? The same old trick again! He's not going to get it easy this time!"

"Keep an eye on them." Han Zixuan stared at Zheng Anru.

She did not want any mistakes to happen again.

Jiang Muye's matter had really taken a toll on her.

She had spent a lot of effort playing the victim as she explained to her fans that she did not tell the truth because of her work ethics, but the fans would just be angry at her as they were disgusted and had wronged Jiang Muye.

It would not be easy to soothe the fans' anger. Moreover, Jiang Muye's fans were known for being aggressive.

She lost a lot of fans who shipped Jiang Muye and her after this incident.

More importantly, she could never create any news with Jiang Muye anymore after this, and she would need to avoid anything related to him.

She was going to get everything back from Ning Xi!

"Don't worry, Zixuan. I'll keep an eye on them. Our people will mix among the reporters. No matter what reasons they use, I won't let them off so easily! Think about it! Just what reason can they use to explain Ning Xi's disappearance for a whole year? Just going with the point of her abandoning her fans is enough toban her!"

The next night, at the Royal Jazz Hotel.

The whole entertainment industry was focused on Ning Xi's press conference.

Fans had flooded the hotel since that morning, and numerous media reporters were at the scene. The whole hotel was severely congested although the invitation to the press conference was extremely precious.

Just ten minutes before the press conference, a black car quietly parked several hundred metres across the street of the hotel.

Inside the car, Su Yan was staring right at the hotel entrance.

After a purring amble, a car stopped at the entrance and Ning Xi went into the hotel with her bodyguards.

From Su Yan's angle, he only saw a light-colored outfit, but it was enough to make his fists clench the steering wheel as his breathing was getting unstable too.

When he found out that Ning Xi had reappeared, he went to the place she used to stay at, including the places she might be at, but he could not find her, which was why he waited there.

Ever since he knew that Ning Xi was having a press conference yesterday, he had parked his car near the hotel for the entire night

At this moment, the seats in the multipurpose hall of the hotel were completely filled up. Even the corridors were packed with reporters.

The press conference this time was being streamed on several popular video sites. Apart from the journalists on-site, a lot of fans were waiting on the streaming sites too.

"Is it true that Ning Xi retired because she became someone's mistress?"

"Ning Xi's not motivated and fell off the popularity bandwagon. Can her comeback this time pick up from her glory in the past?"

"Ning Xi irresponsibly missed many important events, even the award ceremonies. Countless fans were worried and concerned. She's come back out for money this time. Isn't she too disrespectful?"

Soon after it started, the reporters were asking really harsh questions.

Terrible questions and words came out on the streaming sites as well.

"What should I do? Just accept that I have a weak heart... No matter what Bro Xi's reason is... I still felt that I was abandoned"

"You're not alone in feeling that way!"

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