Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1883

No one said anything after Xu Tao started talking.

Xu Tao took a deep breath and continued, "But as time passed by, Ning Xi... did not wake up…

"Ning Xi's 'Mother' and 'Nine Realms' aired one after another. She became so popular. We had even hoped that... hoped that she could be less popular... so that we could buy her more time... even if it was for one more day…

"In the end, we put in so much effort, but we got the worst results possible…

"Three months, for three whole months, Ning Xi didn't wake up.

"The doctors said that in her condition, her chances of waking up was near to impossible after three months…"

Xu Tao narrated what had happened back then to everyone in detail. Everyone could feel the sadness and despair emanating from her.

Then, with a sarcastic tone, she continued, "Everyone knows what happened afterwards. From the fans rioting until Ning Xi was totally forgotten, it took just a short year…"

"We're apologizing about the fact that we've never told the truth about Ning Xi's retirement to every fan who was genuinely worried about Ning Xi!"

When he said this, Xu Tao took a sharp turn and said, "But if we had a chance to do it again, despite knowing what would've happened, we'd still do the same thing!

"Because if we told the truth, Ning Xi would have to face the constant disturbance and trouble from the media reporters! She wouldn't be at peace even when she was in a vegetative state!"

No reporter said a thing at the scene.

They had to admit that if Glory World broke the truth about Ning Xi's actual condition, they would surely comb through all the hospitals to look for Ning Xi and find out about the news as soon as possible. Even after some time passed, there would still be reporters standing by, waiting for a catch.

Ning Xi's fingers clenched as she listened to Xu Tao. She was unaware of a lot of things Xu Tao said.

While Xu Tao was just reciting what had happened according to what he heard from Jiang Muye and the bunch back then, she was brought back in time. She could feel what Sis Zhizhi, Jiang Muye, and Lu Tingxiao had gone through…

Xu Tao gazed at Ning Xi sincerely. "We apologized to Ning Xi about how we handled the matter and made everyone misunderstand, but Ning Xi told us that if it had been her, she would've chosen to say nothing."

There was a small fuss at the venue and on the streaming sites when they heard Xu Tao.

Xu Tao made a short pause, he sighed and continued, "Ning Xi said that instead of making everyone cling onto that tiny little spark of hope and wait for forever... everyone might as well have forgotten about her…"

Sometimes, the truth was best forgotten.

So, this was the true meaning of Xu Tao's status on Weibo…

At the moment, the fans who were watching the stream were sobbing…

All along…

They had misunderstood…

From the beginning until now…

It was not Bro Xi who had abandoned them. It was they who had abandoned her…

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