Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1887

"I got it," said Zheng Anru unhappily.

Ning Xueluo reminded with a solemn expression, "The voting polls organized by the 'Entertainment's Light' is going to happen soon. Zixuan must win the number one spot among the female celebrities!"

"Entertainment's Light" was the most influential magazine in the industry. They would organize a large scale online poll every year, and they would make lists. The most highlighted list would be the popularity ranking. There were also some other lists like "Celebrities You'd Like To Marry", "Newcomers With Strong Potential", and even "Celebrities You'd Like To Sleep With". Each year was a war among the fans as the poll held large influential power.

In the last poll, Ning Xi dominated the top spot with twice as many votes as the first runner-up, which was when Ning Xi had disappeared from the public for three months.

Zheng Anru nodded. "Don't worry, Vice CEO Ning. We'll definitely get it!"

With Zixuan's popularity, there was no doubt that she would be the top star this year.

"Tell me and CEO Wang if there's anything you need. We will fully support you," assured Ning Xueluo.

Even if Ning Xi came back, the voting was going to start next month. Her current popularity now could not compare to Han Zixuan, but Ning Xueluo simply did not want any more mishaps.

The meeting went on for two hours

After deciding on a solution, Wang Haojun said, "That's what we'll do then! Meeting adjourned! I have to go and talk to the investors!"

The moment word about Ning Xi's press conference went out, the investors of "The World" started kicking up a fuss.

Wang Haojun was filled with regrets.

Ning Xi was originally an artiste from Starlight Entertainment!

If he knew that this girl had so much potential and influence, he would have killed to make her stay. Unfortunately, he now found himself in such deep trouble

Since a collaboration was impossible, he would need to destroy her completely!

He had to protect Han Zixuan. Even if the investments could not return the estimated earnings, he had to drive Zixuan on top of Ning Xi. Pushing Ning Xi downwould mean pushing Glory World Entertainment down.

He would never give any chance to Glory World Entertainment!

After the press conference ended, Ning Xi went back to the office and had a meeting with Xu Tao and the bunch.

Her office was filled with flowers and presents from friends and fans.

After the meeting, Ning Xi looked through all the presents one by one. She then had some staff to help her put them away.

When she picked a flower up, a card fell out of it.

Ning Xi picked it up and saw a familiar name at the corner.

Li Muyan?

Aunt You's son?

Had the busy diplomat actually sent her some flowers?

As her aunt said, although Li Muyan was young, he was really skilled with people.

Ning Xi did not mind at all, but she still sent a thank you message out of courtesy.

After five minutes, Li Muyan replied: [You're welcome. I didn't expect that you'd notice my flowers when you have so many fans. This means that you really look through all the presents one by one. You're indeed one idol that's worth loving.]

As expected of a diplomat, while he might just be playing nice, his praises were just sweet enough.

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