Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1889

"Bro Tao, I'm going to Imperial University. Can you get me an outfit that won't attract too much attention?" Ning Xi asked Xu Tao.

Xu Tao nodded. "Okay, my queen, but what are you going to do at Imperial University this late at night?"

"I'm going to see my brother," replied Ning Xi.

"Do you want me to follow you?" Xu Tao looked like he wished he could become a foot accessory of hers.

"It's alright. I'll have a bodyguard nearby." Ning Xi laughed.

"Alright, give me a moment and I'll get it for you!" Xu Tao contentedly went to serve his queen.

After a moment, Xu Tao came back with a shirt. "Ning Xi, how about this? It definitely won't attract attention!"

"Uhh" Ning Xi was speechless when she saw the Imperial Universityuniform in his hands.

Of course, it would not attract attention. She could just disguise as a student.

"How did you get the uniform?" Ning Xi asked.

Xu Tao shrugged. "I don't know. I just grabbed it from the storeroom. This should be the real thing! I checked the size and it should fit you!"

The Imperial Universityuniform was known to look appealing. Even though the university did not make it compulsory to wear the uniform, most students still liked to put it on.

"I'll take this then. Thank you, Bro Tao!"

Ning Xi changed in the fitting room. She then tied up her hair into a ponytail and wore a mask, swiftly finishing her disguise.

Xu Tao's eyes lit up like a light bulb when he saw Ning Xi come out in her new outfit.

Damn! His queen was attracting attention!

Even a blind person would know she was a super beauty! She might as well not wear the mask!

Oh, how worrisome! He would love to look after her tirelessly, rather than always worrying that his cabbages would be destroyed by some boars!

At Imperial University.

At night, the lights in the school were turned on. Students were strolling around, talking and laughing together. Several couples were sitting by the field, and some people were also training by themselves

Wearing the uniform, Ning Xi walked in, feeling a peaceful silence within herself.

With her grades back then, she had no problem getting into Imperial University at all, but unfortunately, because she had gone back to the Ning family, she spent most of her time trying to adapt to the so-called high-class society and in turn, affected her grades.

Xu Tao's accidental discovery of this uniform made her feel like she had completed her dream.

Ning Xi looked around as she walked slowly towards the observation platform.

She looked up and saw a familiar figure.

Ning Xi sped up the stairs and walked towards Tang Nuo.

Tang Nuo was wearing the Imperial University uniform as well, but he left the collar open and his jacket was casually slung on his shoulder.

After a year, the young man's face and body had clearly grown up. He looked handsome and active. Ning Xi was sure that he was probably popular among the girls at school.

She thought to herself, "The young man of the house has grown!"

"Xiao Nuo!"

Tang Nuo was looking around when he suddenly saw a girl in a mask beside him, calling his name. He looked over doubtfully. "You are?"

Ning Xi took off her mask, surprising Tang Nuo whose eyes flew wide open.


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