Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1891

"Yep, I'm already married and I'm very happy! Now, can youstop worrying, little monk?" Ning Xi gently laughed, full of mirth.

Tang Nuo nodded, finally relieved.

"However, because of my profession, you know that the wedding can't be held for now. When it happens, I'll surely invite you! I still want you to piggy-back me out the door!"

"Of course! Obviously, I'll carry you!" Tang Nuo said emotionally.

The brother and sister duo strolled around the field and chatted happily along the way.

As they were chatting, an abrupt voice interrupted from behind them.

"Xiao Xi..."

The siblings instantly stopped and turned around to look.

Behind them, they saw a man standing there in a suit, seeming rather travel-worn. He looked a little battered as fatigue weighed him down. His gaze was fixated on Ning Xi, not shifting for even a moment.

When she saw Su Yan suddenly appear there, Ning Xi instantly frowned and her expression turned cold.

Tang Nuo glanced at Ning Xi, then looked at Su Yan. He suddenly thought of something and instantly said worriedly, "Sis, it wasn't me... I don't know why he's here..."

Before Ning Xi could say anything, Su Yan already answered, "I intentionally waited here myself because apart from that, I really don't know how else I could see you."

Even before she had fallen into a coma, Su Yan had been frequently contacting her. She did not think that after she woke up, he still had not given up and even used Tang Nuo...

"You need something?" Ning Xi asked.

"Can I speak to you privately?" Su Yan questioned and looked at Tang Nuo beside her.

"Sis..." Tang Nuo felt troubled and turned to Ning Xi. He realized from Ning Xi's expression that she clearly had not seen Su Yan since she woke up, yet now because of him she had to come face-to-face with him.

He did not expect Su Yan to meet up with Ning Xi after calling him, even waiting around for her.

When Ning Xi saw Tang Nuo's apologetic manner, her expression softened. She consoled him, "Xiao Nuo, it's not your fault. Just wait for me here."

Tang Nuo could only nod obediently.

Ning Xi then started walking towards the observation platform.

Su Yan let out a sigh of relief and quickly followed after her.

Tang Nuo stood below and looked a little worriedly at the two of them. He was prepared to rush over if anything happened.

At that moment, on the observation platform, there was only Ning Xi and Su Yan.

Ning Xi did not beat around the bush. She sharply said, "Speak."


Probably because one tended to be timid whenlove is near, although he already had a whole year's worth of words that he had kept inside of him, yet now when he finally stood before the girl, he suddenly did not know how to start.

The girl wore an Imperial University uniform with her hair tied into a ponytail. Because she was bare-faced, she looked even younger and more tender than usual. Even at night, he could still see her delicate skin. It suddenly brought him back to their youth, his thoughts overlapping the person before him and the young girl in his memories...

His girl...

Su Yan did not say anything, and neither did Ning Xi. They just stood there quietly.

The man had his arms by his side, hands clenched into tight fists that started to tremble slightly because he was too nervous.

On the other hand, Ning Xi started to look a little impatient.

It was not sure how long had passed until Su Yan finally said, "Xiao Xi, we..."

Ning Xi looked up towards the man who was slow to speak up.

When the girl gave him his attention, Su Yan felt the blood in his entire body about to boil and flow in counter-current...

Finally, his remaining words blurted out of him instantly, "Can we... start over again?"

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