Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1895

Why distracted?

Ning Xi wanted to protest her innocence.

She had not even done anything. She had just talked to him...

However, she was still thrilled that she could stimulate the devil so easily!

Ning Xi looked up at the man's suffering expression. "Hmm... Darling, actually... my body is mostly recovered. Annie has been concocting medication for me, and the soup Mother makes for me everyday also"

So, you don't have to endure it!

The girl lifted her chin upand kissed the man's thin lips.

Lu Tingxiao's body froze up and stopped moving after he understood what she meant.

After a while, the girl felt him grip her hips. The man had his hand behind her head and he kissed her deeply

The chair had too little space, so Ning Xi's hip was forced onto the office table. Feeling uncomfortable, she made some noises of protest.

The next moment, she felt her body lifted into the air. The man shifted her onto the large, soft sofa in the office

Ning Xi lay down on the sofa and looked at the man in front of her. His usually frigid eyes were now filled with fire. His lustful face was much sexier than he usually looked.

She felt very satisfied when she thought about how the man was excited because of her.

As the man lowered himself down and was about to kiss her again, Ning Xi purposely blocked him. "Hmm, didn't you say you're going to finish some work? Is it alright?"

The man moved the girl's hand away and kissed her palm. "It's all done now."

Ning Xi felt his light stubble make her palm itch. "So, you were lying just now"

"Are you sure that your body is alright?"

Ning Xi smiled assuredly. "It's alright. I'm telling you. I'm fine even if I have to fight a tiger now! And"

Suddenly, Ning Xi paused and turned around. She swiftly sat on top of the man. "And... it's easier to just push you down!"

The moment Ning Xi said that, something awakened in the man. The beast came out of the cage, turning into flames and engulfed her.

The long fingers went up to her collar and undid her buttons one by one.

The man's hot sweat was dripping onto the girl's skin.

His belt and trousers were being removed at a remarkable speed. At the same time, the zip on Ning Xi's skirt was already undone

At this very moment, Lu Tingxiao's breathing was shallow and he had sweat all over him. "Tell me... if you feel uncomfortable"

Ning Xi felt like a mess in her head. She did not really hear what the man said, but she still nodded anyway.

"Ah" The next second, that solid phallus burrowed itself inside her with a fearsome power, making Ning Xi curl up like a little shrimp.

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