Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1898

Thus, even though Su Hongguang looked solemn, relief flooded him.

"This is such a huge matter. You have to at least come up with a valid reason, but where has Xueluo done wrong?"

Su Yan clenched his fists next to his body. "No... It's not where Xueluo has done wrong. It's my fault. I owe someone too much..."

Su Hongguang's eyes lit up. "Someone... Are you talking about... that girl, Ning Xi?"

When Su Yan heard, he nodded. "Father, you know about the thing between Ning Xi and Iwell enough. Back then, no matter what happened, it was I who betrayed her first, causing her to be all alone after that and suffer so much. I even just found out that in the past year, all of us have misunderstood her. She wasn't as despicable as the rumors said. You know, the one about her being taken as a mistress. She had gotten into a car accident and fell into a coma, becoming bed-ridden for a whole year..."

So, that was the case...

Actually, Su Hongguang had more or less seen through his son.

After all, he was a man too and he understood the thoughts of a man all too well.

When it came to a woman like Ning Xi, he was afraid that there would be no man who would not be tempted.

In fact, in the past when Ning Xi was unswervingly loyal to his son, he did not think much of it, yet now that she suddenlypaid him no mind, and with her breathtaking looks, it naturally gave his son this sort of ideas again.

Furthermore, after the truth about Ning Xi's disappearance for a year was exposed, his son's remorse and tenderness towards her were suddenly triggered...

He could understand why his son would abruptly want a divorce.

"I know about Ning Xi's issue too," said Su Hongguang.

"Father, you do?" After all, Su Hongguang did not quite pay attention to the entertainment industry, so Su Yan was a little surprised.

There was a flash in Su Hongguang's eyes as he observed his son's expression. "Ning Xi has already been publicly acknowledged by the Zhuang family as their niece. Her status is remarkable. How could she have done those things that the outside world has been saying?"

When Su Yan heard his father, his expression was slightly shocked. "Father, you're saying that the Zhuang family has already acknowledged Ning Xi?"

"That's right." Su Hongguang nodded. "In fact, your motherpersonally witnessed it at Minister Li's wife's private gathering, Meng Linlang brought her along to attend the function and she even introduced her that way to the crowd."

Su Yan said in a lowered tone, "Probably back then, during Xueluo and I's wedding... the Zhuang family already knew Ning Xi's past history, butthey've always kept a low profile. That's why no one knew..."

"That's right. That should be the case."

Then, Su Hongguang said earnestly, "Back then, your mother and I were kept in the dark by the Ning family. After all, we didn't know. With Ning Xi's identity and upbringing, there was no way she could enter our Su family.

"Now, since we already know that she is the biological child of the Ning family, and the biological granddaughter of the Zhuang family, this status matches our Su family, so it's possible now."

Su Yan could fathom what his father was implying and he was pleasantly surprised. "Then, Father, you're saying... you agree?"

Su Hongguang did not answer. He asked instead, "Then, about Xueluo, how are you prepared to handle that? She doesn't have any faults, and now you suddenly want to call for a divorce. Would Xueluo agree to it? Would the Ning family agree to it?"


Su Yan thought about the things that Xueluo had done to Ning Xi back then. Even though he could not tell Su Hongguang the truth, his heart ached like it was being stabbed with needles.

He did not know how he had been possessed back then, allowing her to do those things to Ning Xi, yet still choosing to forgive her...

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