Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1900

Just as Su Hongguang thought his plan was perfect, he failed to realize that all his plans were nothing but a joke…

In the CEO office of the Lu Corporation.

The girl was carried onto the big soft bed in the resting lounge.

The flower in the vase above the shelf of the bed was shaking and petals slowly rained over…

The girl had fully removed her uniform. Her fair skin had vapors of sweet warmth above it and was looking flushed like the flower petals as she moved along with the man's gyrations. Her undulations created a strong contrast with the tough and warm body in front of her…

There was no repellence, no fear, no chaos…

There were no traumatic feelings…

Only the giving of each other…

She felt fulfillment in her heart…

Sex could feel this good and this pure…

Lu Tingxiao had been holding it in for far too long. He had always been afraid of hurting the girl, but when he finally got to do it with her, the words "reserve" and "control" were alien to him.

Suddenly, Lu Tingxiao thought of something and his expression changed. He then stopped his motions.

Ning Xi fixed her messy hair and looked at the man's painful expression. "What's wrong?"

The girl's gentle voice and her clear eyes made it all the worse. Lu Tingxiao's body stretched tightly like a bow as sweat beaded all over his forehead. "I... don't have it…"

"Hmm? What is it?" Ning Xi then quickly understood. She grinned and put her arms around the man's neck. "Mmm... Darling... you mean, condoms?"

Lu Tingxiao nodded with a darkened expression. "Mmm."

Ning Xi nuzzled the man's neck. "It's alright. It's safe today…"

She then looked into the man's eyes and said, "Actually, Darling, I want to have a child with you…"

When he heard the girl say that she wanted to have a baby with him, at the nearly exact moment, the man's pupils shrunk and he felt a warm current flow down his spine. Then, it just came out…

"Damn it!" Lu Tingxiao cursed.

Ning Xi trembled at the heat she felt within her. She laughed when she heard the man's regretful cursing.

Please, it was almost morning now!

This body of mine is at its limit! How long did you want it to last?

Lu Tingxiao did not pull out. He hugged the girl's body tightly. "Xiao Xi, are... are you sure you want to?"

He was worried that what happened back then had caused trauma to her, so he never thought she would be willing to get pregnant again. He also never mentioned such questions in front of her before…

Ning Xi seemed at peace as she smiled. "Of course, please. We're already married, so what's wrong with me having your baby?"

Ning Xi suddenly thought about something and worry filled her face. "Hmm... but... I'm afraid Little Treasure might not like it. Actually, I'm contented enough with Little Treasure…"

She said what she had just now because that was how she felt. She thought that the most straightforward way to express her feelings to him was to have a baby with him.

Lu Tingxiao's eyes lit up when he heard the girl's words. He said with firm determination, "Don't worry. Little Treasure will like it, I guarantee."

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