Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1901

After her social outing, by the time Ning Xueluo got back, it was already late at night.

Ning Xueluo was pleased to see the familiar pair of shoes at the door.

Su Yan was back.

She opened the door to her bedroom and saw Su Yan on the balcony as she looked through the glass window.

"Bro Yan! You're back. I missed you…"

Su Yan's body stiffened a little when he felt the pliable body behind him. He turned around and looked at the girl. "Done with work?'

Ning Xueluo nodded, seeming a little distressed. "History and Starlight have been having one issue after another lately, especially Starlight because of sister's sudden comeback... The press conference for 'The World' that we've prepared for so long was ruined. Problems have been appearing for Zixuan as well... Ah, right, Bro Yan, do you know that Sister came back?!"

Su Yan nodded. "I heard about it."

Ning Xueluo's eyes darkened. She guessed that Su Yan must have found out about the truth about Ning Xi's disappearance. Intentionally, she said regretfully, "I didn't think that so many things happened to Sister in the past year. Unfortunately, none of us knew and couldn't help in any way…"

Su Yan did not reply. He just looked up into the night sky with a tight-lipped expression.

Ning Xueluo felt a strong sense of unease when she saw his face.

She suddenly remembered how he had disappeared for a day when he should have been back by yesterday.

What had he done in this period of time from the airport on the way home?

Had he really just been in the office? He did not even come back last night.

As far as she knew, the company had not been that busy lately.

She was not really focused on his whereabouts these few days because she had been busy. She wanted to give his assistant a call when she came home just now, but then she saw Su Yan for herself…

What made her most worried was whether Su Yan knew about Ning Xi's relationship with the Zhuang family already.

Would he be like Zheng Minjun after knowing about Ning Xi's true identity?

She realized that something was not right with Su Yan since a year ago. Her worries went away before her anxiety could even start since Ning Xi's disappearance a year ago, but now that Ning Xi had returned…

Ning Xueluo felt agitated.

Damn it, how could she forget about something so important and ignored Su Yan!

Ten companies could not compare to keeping Su Yan to herself and clinging to the Su family!

She had been cool and calm all the way before, including facing Zheng Minjun's side because her biggest trump card was Su Yan.

No matter how much Zheng Minjun disliked her, Zheng Minjun could not do anything against her when Su Yan was on her side. It was futile even if Su Hongguang were to say something about it.

However, now, she did not feel the confidence when she looked at the man she had been controlling all along…

The expression he wore right now felt extremely foreign to her.

Since when did the eyes of this totally submissive, loyal man lose its former passion and fire when looking at her?

His heart was not with her. Where did it go?

Ning Xueluo's eyes were filled with a light of fury. The next moment, her eyes teared up as if she had gone through something terrible. She slumped into Su Yan's arms dramatically. "Bro Yan, what should I do? I'm afraid…"

Su Yan took back the words he was about to say when he saw the girl's extremely fearful expression. "What's wrong? What happened?"

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