Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1905

Ning Xueluo's face turned black when she heard what the man said. Her heart was filled with spite.

Useless thing, you don't even dare to kill a person, yet you called yourself the right-hand man of the gang!

"I'm busy right now. Don't bother me with such trivial matters!" The man then hung up.

Ning Xueluo clenched her teeth as she stared at her phone.

Damn it!

If she could ignore the risk of hiring someone within the country, she would not have gone through the trouble of using a power she could not control.

She had done so much for them, yet they decided not to help her at such a crucial moment. Unfortunately, they had undesirable information in their hands, so she could not do anything against them.

She had made them threaten the assistant to swap the fake gun for a real one. In the end, their scheme had failed, and this time they even rejected her outright.

That damned slut, how was she so lucky every time!

Su Yan seemed rather determined this time. He might have even already discussed it with Su Hongguang and Zheng Minjun. Since it was impossible to eliminate Ning Xi right away, it was inevitable that he would propose a divorce.

She understood how important the Su family was to her, History, Starlight, and especially her position at Ning International. Everything was tied to the Su family.

How could she allow what she had currently to be taken away by that slut Ning Xi!?

Slut, you want to fight with me and have Su Yan divorce with me, it would not be that easy

Ning Xueluo looked downwards with a darkened expression, she rubbed her tummy, it seemed like that was the only way left

After a few days.

The ranking poll of Entertainment's Light officially started.

Aside from the ranking in the entertainment industry, there were several polls that were not limited to just people in the entertainment industry.

One of them was "Most Desired Man To Be Married By Women In The Country". Although most of the nominations were male celebrities, people outside of the entertainment industry could be included in the ranking as well.

For example, the person who was always at the top of this list for many, many years was Lu Tingxiao.

No matter how the other rankings changed and how much competition there was, Lu Tingxiao's name never budged from the list at all.

Every time the voting started, his vote would shoot up at a monstrous rate, and he would end up very high on the list from the get-go.

Ning Xi lay supine on her stomach on the bed and flipped through the rankings. She was impressed when she saw her darling at the very top.

These girls were scary

Hmm, if they knew the man they wanted to marry the most had been taken by her, what would they do?

"What are you looking at?" Lu Tingxiao kept a short distance and sat down on a chair near the bed.

Ever since the last time, he could not bear it if she were to be three steps within his boundary. Even touching her could give him a reaction, but considering the condition of her body, he had not touched her for the past few days.

Ning Xi turned around and sat up, showing him the phone. "Look, Darling, you're number one again!"

"What's this?" Lu Tingxiao scanned through it.

"Don't you know? The most famous poll in the industry! You've been in the top position as the most desired man to marry every year!" Ning Xi said with a stressful expression. "Damn it! I have so many love rivals!"

Ning Xi did not expect that soon after she saidthat, things would turn around.

No one had as many love rivals as Lu Tingxiao did.

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