Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1906

Xu Tao was very focused on the Entertainment's Light poll this time. He had already formulated a plan for Ning Xi to win more votes.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Muye was also really giving his all this time.

He always thought that it was troublesome and Lei Ming had to beg him time and time again for him to cooperate a little to get more votes, but he was especially proactive this time. Not only did he change his style and agree to organize a fan meeting, he even posted a Weibo status saying that if he got all three top spots in the polls, he would give his fans a huge treat!

While Jiang Muye was always wild, he never performed any overly sexy scenes. His photos would just show his abs at most. Posting a naked photo of him would be a treat to die for from his fans' point of view!

The fans were so excited that Jiang Muye had been slaying the rankings before the voting period even started.

Of the three rankings Jiang Muye mentioned, apart from the most important "Most Popular Male Artiste", there were two other minor rankings: "National Male Idol" and "Most Desired Male Artiste To Sleep With".

He wanted to give the "Married" ranking a try. Unfortunately, his uncle was always above him and coupled with his usual image, girls would prefer to sleep with him instead, so he stopped thinking about it.

Because the fans only had two votes per person, Lei Ming would always prioritize the most important ranking, but after the provocation by Starlight this year, Jiang Muye decided to slay the ranks!

Since it was such a rarity that Jiang Muye was motivated this time, Lei Ming was really thrilled. He had been working really happily for the past few days.

At the fan meeting.

Jiang Muye changed his usual messy blonde hair look. He cut his hair short and went back to his old dark hair and wore a plain black suit. The cutting of the suit was designed to fit his slim, tapered body. His wild look started to take on a mature vibe

This was the first time he would be appearing ever since the press conference of "The World" and his fans were all looking forward to it.

The whole venue was heated up when everyone saw the idol with his new look.

"Ah! Muye! Muye! Muye!"

"Oh my God! So cool!"

"I've never seen Muye like this. He's reached another level!"

"Oh my, I've fallen in love all over again!"

The outcome was better than expected.

Not only did the voting for the three rankings rise up quickly, even the ranking for "Married" shot up quite a bit as well.

Starlight recently had several young artistes, but all of them fell behind by a huge margin. Based on the prediction that they could not top Jiang Muye, they focused their resources on one of the categories butunfortunately, they could not catch up to Jiang Muye.

Lei Ming was really excited. "We finally grabbed the top spot!"

Because Jiang Muye had been lazy last year, the ranking was mostly dominated by people from Starlight.

While Jiang Muye carried his new mature vibe, his attitude turned back to his usual self the moment he got back into the car. He ruffled his hair and started shaking his leg. "I told you so! If I want to, there's nothing I can't do!"

They really thought he was a nobody if he did not do anything!

Let me teach you how to do it!

"What's the situation on Ning Xi's side?" Jiang Muye asked with a serious expression.

Lei Ming frowned as he looked at the data. "Ning Xi... seems to have a little trouble"

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