Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1911

The stylist packedthe dresses up and grumbled to herself. Han Zixuan was way too picky!

Just what did she want to wear? The emperor's robe?

Ning Xi impressed everyone with just a plain white qipao!

The people make the clothes!

If the person was simply no good, being picky about the outfit was a futile effort

Of course, she would never say something so rude, so she just went out quietly and continued looking.

Shortly after the stylist left, Zheng Anru entered.

Zheng Anru instantly understood what had happened when she saw the dresses strewn all around the room and Han Zixuan's expression. She went over and spoke in a lighthearted tone, "You're still troubled over the dresses! Just what can they get you? Don't worry, CEO Ning has already arranged for someone to get you something from overseas. It'll arrive before tomorrow night."

Han Zixuan's expression softened when she heard her manager. If CEO Ning was helping her, then there would be no issue at all.

Suddenly, Han Zixuan looked up at Zheng Anru and asked, "Did you find out anything about Ning Xi's show?"

Zheng Anru laughed. "I found out that they've been practicing. It's just some old opera show. Just what are they thinking?!"

"Opera?" Han Zixuan let out a snort.

"She thought she's being unique and is just trying to act cool! Doesn't she know what era we're in now? Just who'd still be interested in that kind of stuff? It'll be funny if the audience falls asleep!" Zheng Anru brutally mocked.

She then said with excitement, "Your dance, on the other hand, will surely surprise everyone!"

Soon, the day came.

In Xu Tao's office.

A young female artiste sat on the sofa with her fingers crossed. She seemed in distress. "Bro Tao... I can't... It's such a heavy responsibility... If I mess it up"

Xu Tao tried to convince her, "Qin Shuang, you've been in the industry for so many years. I know you've been very hardworking. You just needed a chance, and now the chance is here. Wouldn't you be a fool for pushing this opportunity away?"

Qin Shuang still looked worried. "Did Bro Xi suddenly change to another show, so I'm replacing her as the female lead? It's not that I don't want to help. I'm really worried that I'm not good enough... I might cause trouble to the company"

She's just a little artiste who did not have the right to attend this important event and play such a key role.

"Ning Xi did not change the show. She's just playing a different character." Xu Tao did not explain further and continued to convince her, "What are you afraid of? If you can't believe in yourself, why don't you believe in me and Ning Xi?

You're from a performing arts school and you've been performing in opera shows before. I'm sure you're really familiar with 'The Phantom of the Opera'. The role is meant for you! Ning Xi mentioned to me before that she wanted you to be noticed. Your chance is here and now, you silly girl!"

Qin Shuang felt even more pressured after hearing Xu Tao. "I still think that I can't"

Xu Tao tried everything to convince her, and she still would not agree. He was close to giving up.

This girl was sweet. She had always been a steadfast person, but her steadfast personality was what hindered her, making her too afraid to experience new things.

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