Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1915

Liu Xiaorou scoffed, "You're extremely naive! Once Ning Xi's returned, all of the opportunities will go to her obviously. Would you still have a chance to stand out?"

As Qin Shuang listened to all of these cutting criticisms, she remained stubbornly silent.

Tonight, she had a very important mission. She must not disappoint Bro Xi and Bro Tao. Furthermore, she did not want to cause more trouble.

Liu Xiaorou was initially very upset. However, when she saw the circumstances Qin Shuang was in now, and how she did not dare to refute even when she was being ridiculed, only leaving dejectedly, she suddenly felt much better.

On the other side, with the sound of excited cheers and shrieks from girls, Jiang Muye made his entrance.

Compared to the more casual do at the fan meet the other day, at the moment,Jiang Muye could be said to have delicately prepared himself from head to toe. From his customized tuxedo to the watch on his wrist, to even the buttons that were from the hands of masters of the craft, his entire outfit should cost at least tens of millions.

Jiang Muye was already a handsome bloke, but with this whole outfit to complement him, he charmed those young ladies until they wailed loudly. None of the other male artistes or pretty boys there could steal his show.

With Jiang Muye's stunning entrance, the votes on the huge screen to the left followed suit to climb up too.

Even though he had achieved the effect he expected, Jiang Muye was still frowning to himself.

Earlier, he had been speaking to Ning Xi halfway when he got kicked out, so he did not know what she was wearing today.

Pathetic! Why did he realize that he was becoming more and more like a mother?

As he was beingpainstakingly worried, suddenly, a flash of coldness appeared in Jiang Muye's eyes. Han Zixuan had arrived.

Starlight Entertainment had really gone all out this time. Apart from that vintage gown on Han Zixuan, the pearls around her wrist were already tens of millions. Even that seemingly unremarkable pair of earrings she wore were valued in the millions.

Even if an idiot wore this whole look, they would look great too. Spending so much money would naturally show the effects off.

Han Zixuan's entrance instantly induced gasps of astonishment from the crowd.

The host came in with hyped up compliments, detailing all the origins of the items on Han Zixuan and causing all the other female artistes present to be even more envious.

"No wonder Han Zixuan changed companies to Starlight! She's being rich and overbearing!"

"Exactly, just for a 'Night of Starlight', they actually threw in so much money!"

"But that's no wonder too. Ning Xi has returned and even slapped Han Zixuan on the face quite a few times. If she loses again this time, where's she going to put her face? Obviously, Starlight won't allow such things to happen."

"Why isn't Ning Xi here yet? I wonder what she's wearing today!"

"Even though Glory World's capabilities can't compare to Starlight, this is Glory World's only chance of making a comeback. They'd probably go all out too! However, it's impossible for them to compare to Starlight's huge budget. I think they're definitely going to be pushed down!"


After Han Zixuan finished her entrance on the red carpet, everyone curiously waited to see how Ning Xi was going to make her breathtaking entrance for the night.

Of course, that included Han Zixuan.

This entire look had given her a sufficient boost of confidence.

Finally, with all eyes on her, Ning Xi made her appearance.

"Next up to make her entrance is our Golden Film Award-winning actress, Ning Xi, who left us for a year"

Jiang Muye craned his neck to look with anticipation, but in the next second, he was dumbfounded.

He had thought that Ning Xi was intentionally messing with him, joking even, yet he would never have thought...

This girl had really just "draped a sack" to attend the event!

Even though the design and cutting on her were very beautiful and flowy, was it not just a normal sackcloth skirt?

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