Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1918

A while later, the host left the stage.

With the start of a sound effect, the whole stage turned dark. The audience quieted down and waited for Ning Xi's appearance.

"Think of me,

Think of me fondly,

When we've said goodbye.

Remember me once in a while,

Spare a thought for me."

With the sound of a passionate voice, the stage gradually lit up.

The audience looked over and everyone was stunned.

There was a girl singing as Christine, wearing a large medieval European dress, and that girl was not Ning Xi.

"Is there a problem with my eyes? Why isn't Ning Xi the female lead?"

"What's happening? Who's that?"

"She seems familiar. I don't remember her name! Is there a mistake? Shouldn't it be Ning Xi and Jiang Muye?"

The audiences whispered to each other in shock, then there was a man singing.

"Can it be?

Can it be Christine?

Long ago, it seems so long ago,

How young and innocent we were.

She may not remember me, but I remember her..."

Jiang Muye appeared.

Because of Christine's sweet voice, Raoul overheard it and suddenly remembered the girl in front of him who was his childhood friend.

At the moment, Qin Shuang noticed the odd expressions of the audience. She overcame her uneasiness and continued singing with Jiang Muye.

"Thinking back about the days,

Thinking back about the times,

Think about the things we've never done.

There will never be a day when I don't think of you..."

Qin Shuang's extravagant dress was fitting to her little, palm-sized face and her singing was enchanting.

While the audience was filled with doubts, they continued watching.

The pair of lovers recognized each other and held each other's hands, expressing their feelings.

Raoul, played by Jiang Muye, could not hide his feelings and asked Christine out on a date, to which Christine agreed instantly.

The scene on stage delivered a sweet and warm vibe.

As Christine went back to her room to change

A hollow and melancholic tune played in the background.

"Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation

Darkness wakes and stirs imagination

For I compose the music of the night..."

This deep voice singing had a huge impact. Not only did it attract the attention of Christine on stage, it made the uneasy fans settle down and hold their breath.

Why was this voice so familiar?

Everyone craned their necks to look on stage. Han Zixuan frowned as Zheng Anru ranted, "These people are playing so many tricks. What are they going to do again? Getting a small-time actress Qin Shuang as the female lead? Are their heads alright?"

Han Zixuan did not say anything as she felt like she had overlooked something, but she could not put a finger on it.

"Slowly, gently,

Night unfurls its splendor

Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender..."

Christine was taken away by the singing and forgot about her promise with Raoul as she went towards the direction of the voice and opened the secret door. She walked down towards the underground secret room

At the moment, all the audience and fans were attracted by the storyline. They stared at Qin Shuang, waiting to see what Christine would find in the end

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