Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1922

Christine whimpered emotionally, "No... It's not that the world is unfair to you. It's not the world's fault. It's you who imprisoned your inspiration. You didn't spare people's lives to achieve your goals. You stole other people's love. I'm thankful for your help, but my feelings for you... All that's left now is only hatred..."

When he heard the woman he loved declare her hatred for him, Ning Xi's aggressive, indignant and resentful expression turned blank in an instant. She stood there all alone as if everything had lost its meaning.

All the audience subconsciously straightened their backs and their hearts tightened as they looked incredibly tensed.

Right at this moment, Raoul appeared.

Jiang Muye was quite professional as he shouted loudly, "Your Majesty, please let go of Christine. I'm willing to do anything for you!"

When he saw this man who had stolen his precious woman, the Phantom lost control once again and used a special noose to lasso Raoul's neck.

"Ah!!! Don't!" Christine cried out in alarm.

The Phantom looked at Christine, who was anxiously crying out loud and forced her to make a decision. "Now, I'll give you two choices. Use Raoul's life to exchange for your freedom. He dies, but I'll let you go; or two, put the wedding dress on and be my bride in exchange for Raoul's life!"

Raoul loved Christine dearly, so when he heard the Phantom, he said without hesitation, "Christine, don't promise him. Don't marry this devil! If you say you love him just to save me, then my life would end too!"

At this moment, almost all the audience off-stage and the fans on the live stream thought to themselves, "Damn! What's she waiting for?! Of course, she should marry the Phantom!"

"Marry him! Marry him!"

"Female lead, if you won't marry him then let him come my way!"


As Jiang Muye heard the audience's urges, he almost puked blood.

Do girls nowadays prefer the crazies and the perverts? Bloody hell, are youjust going to watch me die?

Where is your humanity?

Finally, how was this hopeless situation going to be resolved?

This outdated musical had completely been vested in everyone's interest by this point.

On the other hand, a small group in the audience who knew what the upcoming storyline progress was was even more excited because they knew that there would be a kissing scene coming up. It was the real deal, hahaha!

Facing the choices that the Phantom offered, Christine fell into a painful struggle.

At last, she still could not have her lover, Raoul, sacrifice for her.

Her indecisive and helpless gaze suddenly became certain as she finally mustered her courage and looked up towards the Phantom.

She was about to tell the Phantom that the force of love was strong and that the Lord would, in the end, save his mad soul.

In the next second, Christine took a deep breath and walked a few steps up to him without warning before giving the Phantom a long kiss.

Even though it was just an illusion of position, Qin Shuang's heart was thumping so hard that it was about to explode. She used up all of her professionalism to not forget herself then and there.

The instant Ning Xi was kissed, everyone present was about to go crazy. The atmosphere had reached an unprecedented peak while the viewer ratings and the popularity of the live stream channels broke all of its previous records in history.

With just a short performance, Ning Xi's votes on-screen had caught up with Han Zixuan's.

Unexpectedly kissed by the girl he loved by her own initiative, the Phantom's wild and unruly expression suddenly turned blank.

His initially sinister and scary expression was unexpectedly extremely adorable at this point.

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