Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1933

At this moment, Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru, who were backstage, let out a slight sigh of relief as they happily watched the votes rapidly increase.

Even if they could not join the male rankings, they had to at least surpass Ning Xi in the female categories. Even if it was the worst case scenario, they had to at least win one of them!

Very soon, it was Jiang Muye's turn.

Jiang Muye's declaration for votes was very simple and crude. "Number one for three categories, and I'll promise you anything!"

Bloody hell, I'm going all out!

With the sounds of shrieks, Jiang Muye's votes indeed started to rise like mad. He had even started to make a comeback to surpass Ning Xi on the "Most Desired Male Artiste To Sleep With" list.

"Ah, ah, ah! I want to kiss, to hug, and to everything you, Jiang Muye!"

"Can I bang you?"

"There are so many of us... Our dear would die from excessive ejaculation, wouldn't he?"


When Jiang Muye saw that, he did not even care that he would be extracted dry. He looked gleefully at Ning Xi beside him.

Huh, little guy, still want to fight with me!?

I am your senior and I have more experience than you!

No matter what, he had to protect his ranking and dignity first!

Ning Xi's speech for votes came right after Jiang Muye's.

Suddenly, everyone held their breaths to watch the person in the middle of the stage who turned everyone's hearts upside down.

At the same time, Han Zixuan and Starlight Entertainment had gone all out. Han Zixuan's votes were trying to make a comeback. Obviously, Starlight was prepared to first protect their top spot for the "Most Popular Female Artiste". The margin between Han Zixuan and Ning Xi's votes were closing in.

On the other hand, in the male rankings, the margin between the first, second, and third spot was minimal. Everyone was chasing one after another and the competition was intense too.

"Next up, we'll invite our Bro Xi to give her speech! I wonder what Bro Xi has to say to our audience and fans!" When the hostess looked at the person beside her up close, her heart was beating very fast.

Everyone thought to themselves, 'What would Ning Xi do? What would Ning Xi say?"

One must know that Han Zixuan had really given it her all this time, even unexpectedly announcing such a shocking news at that moment.

Ning Xi was still in her lavish medieval English costume. However, because it was too hot earlier, she had undone two buttons. Her hair that was drenched in sweat was slightly messy too, giving her an aura of nonchalance and apathy.

At this moment, under everyone's nervous and anticipating gaze with their bated breaths, Ning Xi's fingers clenched her collar and buttoned up the two buttons that were undone until she reached the first buttonhole on her collar that only revealed half of her fair and slender neck.

It was just an extremely minute detail. With only a slight profoundness in her eyes, her entire aura instantly changed as if she had changed into a completelydifferent persona from the reckless Phantom she played earlier. It was as if she were a king in an ancient castle who had suppressed their desire for thousands of years waiting for their beloved.

Then, she bent over slightly and made a noble yet elegant gentleman bow, saying to everyone softly, "Thank you!"

After an odd three-second silence, the place exploded into deafening shrieks!

"A life where I can't sleep with Bro Xi is no different from being salted fish!"

"Hubby, I don't want to kiss or hug or mwah mwah. I don't even want to bang as long as you take a look at me amidst this crowd!"

"Ah, ah, ah, just votes right? I'll give them to you! All of them! My heart, my love, my soul, my virginity, I'll give them all to you!"


There was no provoking speech, no shocking news. It was just a tiny action and a "thank you".

The huge screen flashed.

Most Popular Male Artiste No. 1: Ning Xi!

National Male Idol No. 1: Ning Xi!

Most Desired Male Artiste To Sleep With No. 1: Ning Xi!

Most Popular Female Artiste No. 1: Ning xi!

National Goddess No. 1: Ning Xi!


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