Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1934

"This... This is impossible!" Off-stage, Zheng Anru immediately stood up.

Han Zixuan looked even paler.

Damn it!

Why!? Why was it that she had done everything to this extent and still she could not compare to this outdated female star who only knew how to pull tricks and be a sensationalist!?

At this moment, as he looked at the ranks on the huge screen, Jiang Muye felt like he had been crapped on.

Bloody hell! He did not even spare selling his body, yet he could not even compare to her just buttoning up two buttons?

Where was the logic?

What kind of fraudulent species was he competing with?

What Jiang Muye would never have thought was that there was something even more heartbreaking after that...

As the time passed and it got closer to dawn, very soon, the results of all the six main categories were out.

The results for "National Husband" that included the entire China was

No. 1: Lu Tingxiao!

No. 2: Ning Xi!

There were 12 rankings altogether for Entertainment Light's poll, while the top six categories were topped by:

Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Lu Tingxiao!

When Jiang Muye saw those two names standing side by side, as he watched this husband and wife occupy half the country, he threw up blood on the spot!

This was definitely the most tragic incident of publicly displayed affection by the two of them since the beginning of history...

This affection was poisonous!


At the same time, inDeer Town.

Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao were sitting in front of the television and watching the live stream. Because Little Treasure had to go to school, he reluctantly went to sleep.

Lu Tingxiao leaned his head on his hand and stared at the screen with a focused expression.

While Lu Jingli held popcorn and a bunch of other junk food, from time to time he wailed and howled with the fans. "Oh! It's over, over, I'm bent! Our Sis-in-law is so handsome! My dear brother, if I didn't know your sexual orientation, I would really suspect that you were actually gay!

"Oh,oh, oh my God! I can't believe that our baby Little Treasure is a combination of both of your genes. What do we do when he grows up!?"

Lu Jingli kept chattering on in an anxious manner.

Finally, after the ten-second countdown, the results of the pollswere going to be officially announced.

Lu Jingli clutched the chips in his hand and watched while holding his breath.

When he saw the final results of the polls...

His expression stiffened. He instantly threw away the chips in his hand and wept disconsolately!

"There's no way I can live anymore! Sis-in-law is too savage! She was intentional. She must be!"

Why was he even tortured by their affection by watching an award ceremony!?

Where was the humanity!?

While Lu Tingxiao watched the huge screen on the television and saw the names, he watched the girl bow and thank the fans. That expression on his face was as tender as water!

His girl... She could always pleasantly surprise and move him.


While watching the results, the most excited group was probably Ning Xi's fans. They cheered excitedly in the live stream channels, including a lot of passersby who were infected by the whole atmosphere too.

"Ah, ah, ah! Hubby is mighty and domineering!"

"Bro Xi dominated the polls with thirty million in herharem!"

"May I see my king lead the world in my lifetime!"


Off-stage, Qin Zhen saw the shocking results of the rankings, and as he watched the audience and fans react, he let out a sigh of relief on the inside. He could not help but rejoice on the inside.

Thankfully, he was not possessed to be swayed by Wang Haojun's bit of money. His career had long been in a rut, but after these polls, his reputation would definitely go with the flow. Would he be worried about not being able to earn big money in the future? Not differentiating the gender of candidates list for the polls had been his idea back then!

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