Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1941

The next day, after the loving couple had their fun in the bamboo forest, the news of Ning Xi slaying at the "Night of Starlight" was all over the news.

"Night of Starlight: Ning Xi slew the polls! No one escaped!"

"Return of the queen Ning Xi, no more place for fake goddesses"

"Investors of 'The World' start pulling out"

With an almost similar impact when she had won numerous awards back then, Ning Xi quickly returned to the public eye with the vast amount of news articles talking about her.

Following the Night of Starlight, Qin Shuang, who played the role of Christine in the play "The Phantom of the Opera", shot to fame overnight due to her professional and outstanding performance!

At the same time, the top brass of Glory World Entertainment had a major shift. Yi Xudong was sacked and a new CEO was appointed directly from the Lu Corporation. This news spread throughout the industry very quickly.

Yi Xudong went drinking at a pub and told everyone that Glory World Entertainment would surely fall without him. He also bragged that he had groomed Han Zixuan on his own and that no one would be able to top her!

In the end, after a good night's sleep, the whole entertainment industry evolved.

Ning Xi dominated the Night of Starlight after her comeback announcement, even lifting Qin Shuang!

Damn it! This woman revived the whole of Glory World Entertainment on her own!

Yi Xudong just sat on the sofa dumbfounded as he saw Ning Xi's name in the headlines of every news

At Starlight Entertainment, dark clouds shrouded all over.

It was not just the loss of Han Zixuan that made everyone gloomy; it was a huge blow to Starlight Entertainment as a whole.

After they finally conquered their top competitor Glory World Entertainment, the latter was now revived!

In the meeting, Wang Haojun said with a dark expression, "Pass the word that 'The World' project will go on hiatus."

He did not go into specifics, but everyone knew that several main investors were dissatisfied with Han Zixuan's popularity and performance. They pulled out suddenly and even Guo Qisheng had resigned from his role as director.

Zheng Anru's expression was pretty sour too. "I just received news that the movie Zixuan worked on with Director Chen before didn't pass censorship."

This meant that all their efforts put in was in vain and their plans to get an international award from the movie was ruined.

Zheng Anru then stared at the Public Relations Director beside her angrily and started scolding, "Liu Wenliang! Just what are you doing!? Didn't I tell you to take care of things!? This movie can't have any issues! Are you just a piece of decoration here? You useless idiot!"

Liu Wenliang chuckled coldly and threw his resignation letter on the table. "I'm sorry. I'm not working here anymore! Since you're so capable, please clean up your own mess in the future, Manager Zheng!"

"You" Zheng Anru could not say anything else.

This trash! He chose to leave at such a time!

"CEO Wang, are you going to do anything about this?"

Damn it! CEO Ning was not here at such a crucial moment!

Wang Haojun was really troubled at the moment. "We'll just wait for the new PR Director to take over after this!"

"What should Zixuan do now!" Zheng Anru looked worried. "Zixuan is now sick because of that witch! You have to think of something, CEO Wang!"

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