Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1947

Some of the artistes, who were still present, turned around with sympathy in their eyes when they heard Ning Xi's name being called.

The former superstar now had to come to an audition and try her luck while knowing that the role was already predetermined.

Ning Xi ignored their gazes and went into the audition room, following the lead of the staff.

As Liang Feixing's intel provided, out of the three interviewers today, only the assistant director was notable.

People with a legendary caliber like Jace might not even appear at the audition of the female lead. Moreover, this was just an audition for a minor role.

The assistant director seemed polite when he saw Ning Xi.

"Ms. Ning Xi?"

"Yes, hello."

"As the rumor says, you really are an Oriental beauty." His eyes shone. Apparently, he had a positive first impression of Ning Xi.

If they had not promised to work with Starlight, he might have chosen this one in front of him.

"Thank you very much."

The assistant director nodded with a complex expression on his face. "That's all. You can go back and wait for the confirmation."

Short as expected.

Nevertheless, there was still a chance given the assistant director's expression.

After Ning Xi left, a discussion sparked inside the room.

"What do you guys think?" The assistant director asked the others.

One of them said, "The vibe Ms. Ning Xi gave off was outstanding. Her popularity is on par with Han Zixuan's in China, but as far as I know, she just came back after a year of retirement. She doesn't really have many resources on hand, and her future progression is unpredictable. I think using Han Zixuan is the safer choice!"

The other person disagreed. "On par? Mike, Ms. Ning Xi is a truly capable person! You should see her in 'Mother'!"

"Dwight, just to be clear, this role doesn't need capabilities. It isn't even related to the actor itself. We just need popularity and strong backup! That's how we can maximize the profit from the Chinese population!"

"Glory World Entertainment has been taken back by the Lu Corporation, their potential is still unknown! Mike, you're jumping to conclusions!"

"You said it yourself that it's unknown. We don't need to take risks."

Everyone somewhat expected it when they saw that Ning Xi's audition ended swiftly too. Many of them looked at her with a sense of rejoice in her misfortune.

They finally saw the results, and people started to leave.

In the meantime, the assistant director was having a headache as the duo argued in front of him.

If they could not work this out, they could just send the audition videos back and let the higher-ups decide.

Their audition processes were all live-streamed to the higher-ups, but those people might not even watch it immediately, or they may not even care.

Suddenly, the Chinese staff rushed into the room and asked the assistant director, "Director, where's Ms. Ning Xi from earlier?"

"She just left. What's wrong?" The assistant director seemed confused.

The lady staff looked flustered. "Jace... Mr. Jace wants to see her!"

"What? Mr. Jace wants to see her personally?" The assistant director shot to his feet in shock.

The pair beside him looked like they had just witnessed a supernatural occurrence.


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