Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1949

Even though Ning Xi always kept up with Jace's news, she had never seen his face either.

The elder looked distracted as he was reminded of something when he looked at Ning Xi. His pupils shrunk a little.

After a while, the elder said, "Ms. Ning Xi, please sit."

Ning Xi nodded and sat down. Since she was unclear about his intention of inviting her over, she patiently waited for what he had to say. Besides, she was too nervous to say anything at all.

He was a legend in Hollywood after all; he was someone who only existed within the realm of her imagination, and now he was right in front of her!

His eyes looked sharp as if he could see right through a person's heart. However, the way he looked at Ning Xi at the moment was devoid of pressure. He said gently, "I'm sorry to have invited you over in a rush, but I just saw your audition video."

"It's alright, but the reason you want to see me is" Ning Xi was confused.

"I hope you can take up the role of Anna in the movie 'Assassin', Ms. Ning Xi," Jace said straightforwardly.

Ning Xi imagined countless possible outcomes, but she was stunned when she heard it directly from Jace himself.


Jace had invited her to take up the role of Anna!

Anna was the female lead for this movie!

Jace continued, "Back then, my daughter Caroline was the scriptwriter and female lead for the movie 'Assassin'."

Ning Xi was once again astonished when she heard this. Ms. Caroline, the legendary female lead of "Assassin" from Hollywood, was actually Jace's daughter!

She had countless curious questions but did not dare to ask them.

"Unfortunately, my daughter Caroline passed away due to sickness when she was traveling. It has been some time, which is why I wanted to remake the movie soas to commemorate my daughter." The elder's expression looked slightly depressed.

Ning Xi was really surprised.

When she saw the movie "Assassin" for the first time, she loved the character portrayed by Anna whom she thought was just the coolest.

However, Caroline only starred in the movie "Assassin" and then vanished. There was no news about her whatsoever after that. She would never have expected that Caroline had already passed away.

It was the first time Ning Xi found out about the story behind the movie "Assassin".

"My condolences." Ning Xi had no idea what else to say.

The elder then asked, "I'm placing a lot of importance on this character, so I hope you can give it your all!"

Had he already decided on her to take up the role?

With such a ginormous sweet pie falling from the sky, she was almost crushed.

Ning Xi asked, "As far as I know, the female lead was confirmed to be Ms. Lilian, wasn't it?"

Jace then replied, "It's not confirmed. It was just an initial shortlist. After our meeting today, I believe your aura and image suit the character very well.

"I believe you know that the settings for parts of the movie will be in China. Caroline's mother is Chinese, and she's been living here since she was a child. That was also the reason why parts of the movie were taken here."

The elder was then reminded of the past and stopped talking.

"I see."

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