Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1950

"Besides, I trust Martin's judgment too," said Jace.

Director Martin...

It had been so long since she heard that name. Ning Xi was stunned for a moment before she realized who Jace meant.

A year ago, she joined Director Martin's movie "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad". There were many special effect scenes in this movie, thus it had not been released up till now.

Because of Jace's explanation about his daughter, plus his mention of Director Martin, Ning Xi couldfinally digest this huge pie...

After that, Ning Xi discussed some small tweaks in "Assassin" and the understanding of the plot in detail with Jace, only leaving in the evening.

Until she walked out of the room, Ning Xi still felt like it was all very surreal.

She would never have thought that initially wanting to just try for a cameo would, in the end, not only end up with her meeting the legendary Jace but also land her the leading female role.

"Oh my Lord, you're finally out! How did it actually go? What did Mr. Jace say to you? Why did you leave for so long? He didn't do anything to you, did he?!" Xu Tao looked like a mother hen who was worried sick.

Ning Xi was a little speechless. "Nonsense! Mr. Jace was just discussing letting me take on the role of Anna."

"What... the heck? What?" Xu Tao almost bit his own tongue.

Xu Tao had watched Hollywood's classic movie "Assassin" that had been honed to perfection over centuries for more than six or seven times. Naturally, he knew that the female lead's name was Anna, and she was one of the most outstanding characters in the history of Hollywood's filmography.

"Can you say that again? What role did Mr. Jace ask you to take on?"

"The lead female assassin," replied Ning Xi expressionlessly.

Xu Tao was stunned for about three seconds before he came back to his senses. He quivered emotionally. "You got the lead female assassin's role as Anna?! Oh, my queen, please don't be joking with me. My heart isn't that great!"

It was not that no huge stars made it to Hollywood in the entire Chinese entertainment industry, but no one had ever taken on the lead female role.

Hollywood was most probably only looking for actors in China because of China's super huge market. Most of the roles offered were not even important.

For a Chinese female star to land the role of the lead female role in Hollywood was practically unheard of.

Even if it was the top A-lister superstar, to be able to get an important role in a Hollywood film was next to impossible.

Up till now, only Song Lin had done that in the whole of the Chinese history, but that film director was an American Chinese, so most of the actors' line-up was Chinese too.

Ning Xi obviously expected Xu Tao's reaction. She shrugged nonchalantly. "Pinch yourself for a while. If we're not dreaming right now, then this is real!"

"Oh, my queen, you're practically... practically a miracle! Our entireChinese entertainment industry's pride! Damn!" Xu Tao was so emotional that he was incoherent.

He had never dared to imagine that in his lifetime, an artiste under him would be able to snag a lead female role in Hollywood.

He could brag about this awesomeness for quite a few lifetimes!

That dog crap Zheng Anru, promoting all over the place! This time, she would really become the biggest joke!

"I'll go inform the media now. I'll immediately announce it to the world!"

Once Xu Tao said that he immediately shook his head again. "No, no, no, don't tell the media first. Zheng Anru's side is abuzz with theannouncement. Let's wait for 'Assassin' to begin filming. There'll definitely be a lot of media for publicity and promotion. Let's just use Zheng Anru's publicity! Wait for a few more days till everything on Zheng Anru and Han Zixuan's end is in order. Hehehe..."

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