Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1952

Ning Xi was familiar with this Caucasian girl in front of her as she was a pretty famous actress in Hollywood.

For the filming of "Assassin", the line-up of actors was elite.

The male lead was Hollywood's famous actor, Steve Weir.

After the long chat with Jace the day before, Ning Xi already knew the line-up of the current actors. This Caucasian girl was acting as the male lead's assistant in "Assassin".

"You're amazing! You actually got the role of the lead female assassin, so you'll have a lot of scenes with Weir," said the Caucasian girl with envy.

Even though the outside world did not know anything yet, the fact that the female lead had been changed to be a Chinese actress exploded in the entire internal department.

As for landing the role of the female lead, even Ning Xi herself felt that she had been incredibly lucky. After all, Ning Xi did not even dream of getting the female lead role in "Assassin" at first.

However, since she had already gotten it, she would obviously give it her best.

"However, Ms. Ning Xi, you should be a little careful," the Caucasian girl looked around as she said in a lowered voice.

"Careful?" Ning Xi did not understand.

The Caucasian girl nodded and added softly, "For the role of the female lead, the filming crew initially already decided upon Lilian to take it up, but after they informed that they would be changing to you, Lilian has now been changed to be the villainous secondary female lead..."

Lilian was a movie star that had been pretty hot in Hollywood in recent years. When "Assassin" was about to be remade, they had already contacted Lilian and after an audition, they decided upon Lilian to play the female lead.

However, with Ning Xi's arrival, the film producers' decision suddenly changed. Evidently, many of the higher-ups did not know why they had suddenly changed actresses either. Everyone was extremely curious about Ning Xi.

The Caucasian woman seemed to be worried about Lilian, so she was warning Ning Xi to be more careful.

Ning Xi already knew about this. She had also especially asked Jace about the situation, thus she did not take it to heart.

Jace had decided on the lead female role in "Assassin". It was not related to her at all and she did not even steal it herself, so with a clear conscience, she would just give it her all.

"What the hell? Lilian's role as the female lead has actually been swapped out for a Chinese actress! I don't know what the producers are thinking!"

"I previously heard that that Chinese actress is called whats-her-name? Ning Xi? Even though she's a little famous in China, she's not even qualified in Hollywood!"

Instantly, two dark-skinned girls walked into the makeup room.

Their gazes fell onto Ning Xi.

One of the girls examined Ning Xi and scoffed, "Chinese actresses who want to make it big in Hollywood really don't have it easy. No matter how many Hollywood movies they've acted in, they still need to leave in the end!"

"There'll always be people who want to make it into Hollywood, yet in the end, almost none of them get to stay!"

The dark-skinned women were clearly saying those things for Ning Xi to hear.

Before they could continue, a few of the makeup artists finally rushed over.

"Hello, everyone. I'm the makeup artist. Today the filming crew has told us to test costumes with everyone."

The middle-aged woman who was the makeup artist had a broad smile on her face.

When they heard her, the two women stopped theirnasty banter. They sat on the chairs and were checking themselves out in the mirrors.

The middle-aged woman walked up to Ning Xi and introduced herself,"Hello, Ms. Ning Xi. My name is Lisa and I'm your makeup artist."

"Hello, thank you for the trouble." Ning Xi nodded.

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