Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1954

Even though Ning Xi did not care for such cheap tricks, she was very grateful for Lisa being on her side.

"Lisa, this has nothing to do with you!"

The two girls frowned.

This makeup artist was very famous within the industry. Rumor had it that she was somewhat related to Steve Weir, so the girls were not too rude and just lamented a little more.

Lilian signaled her assistant who became quiet.

The two girls stopped talking when Lilian stopped her assistant.

Lisa was surprised to see Lilian's attitude.

Lilian was definitely not a very friendly person. She thought that Lilian would surely try to intimidate Ning Xi, yet she had chosen to stop it there?

Lisa took a glance at Ning Xi. This Chinese girl was able to get the female lead role. She must have an impressive background. Even Lilian was wary of her

Soon, Lilian's manager called her and she left.

The other actors took a few trial shots, then everyone left around noon.

As Ning Xi was about to go back to her apartment, she received a phone call.

She looked at her phone screen in surprise and nearly threw her phone away.

"Han Xiao?"

Oh! It's the Master!

Ning Xi quickly picked up the phone after she realized who was calling her. "Hello? M-Master? Are you looking for me?"

"KFC on J street. Come over."

Before Ning Xi could say anything else, the call went dead.

What the heck? The moment he spoke to her, he only brought up KFC?

Ning Xi had no idea what was going on.

Without any choice, Ning Xi went over.

Since the Master called, she would go anywhere for him!

Inside the shop, Ning Xi found Han Xiao who was sitting in a corner.

Han Xiao wore a casual and loose white shirt as if he was just a harmless, young man.

While he looked handsome, the way he was gobbling his food looked a little disturbing.

He had a drumstick in his left hand and a beef roll in his right as he sipped the milk tea right in between both hands.

Ning Xi had been sitting beside him for a while, yet he did not notice her presence at all.

"Do they taste good?"

Ning Xi did not want to bother him and was about to wait for him to finish, but he ordered another full bucket!

If she waited until he finished, it would probably take forever!

"Eh... When did you get here?" Han Xiao turned around and looked at Ning Xi.

"About ten minutes ago." Ning Xi's mouth twitched.

"Oh... Help me get the full bucket and also... help me pay for it." Han Xiao nodded.

Curse you!

Ning Xi would really love to slap the soul out of this man in front of her.

She had never talked to Han Xiao in a year, yet the first thing he told her was to help him to get a full bucket of chicken.

And he wanted her to pay!

She had rushed over in the car and thought something serious had happened!

Whatever, he did save her life after all

Han Xiao was swigging his milk tea happily after being done with his meal.

"Long time no see. How have you been?"

Han Xiao finally looked much more normal as he put the milk tea down.

"It'd be better if you didn't call me," Ning Xi said truthfully.

She was almost scared to death!

"It'd be bad if I don't call you," said Han Xiao.

"Why?" Ning Xi questioned.

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