Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1955

"I'm not full and I don't have enough money," Han Xiao told the truth.

Ning Xi was speechless

"I see your body has recovered a fair bit now." Han Xiao examined Ning Xi.


"Didn't you fall into a vegetative state? I thought I'd never see you again," Han Xiao said as he wiped the grease off his face.

"Thanks to you!" While the guy said that, he did not look genuine at all!

"Oh right, I have to return the favor since you bought me a meal... Several people are following you." Han Xiao smiled as he stared at Ning Xi.

"Someone's following me?"

Ning Xi was shocked. She would not have realized it if Han Xiao had not told her.

"They came into the shop with you just now and they seemed to be trained. With your body condition as it is now, they could squeeze you to death like a little chick," said Han Xiao as a matter-of-fact.

You are the chick! Your whole family are chickens!

Although she really was a chick in the Master's eyes

"You're a popular star, yet you only put on some disguise when going out. Don't have you have any bodyguards?" Han Xiao shook his head.

"Bodyguards? I have you. Why do I need any bodyguards, Big Bro Han Xiao?"

Ning Xi looked at Han Xiao and gave him her widest smile.

Of course, she would never bring anyone else when she came to see Han Xiao. What if he had an emergency secret?

Who knew? She was overthinking!

"It's useless even if you call me your father. I'm full now and I want to sleep." Han Xiao yawned.

Damn it! You just ate everything I paid for and now you want to go!?

Ning Xi really wished for someone skilled enough to beat Han Xiao up until he vomited out all the food he just ate.

But it was impossible...

Ning Xi looked around and tried to figure out who was following her and why.

Ning Xi did not notice anything, but since Han Xiao said so, it must be true.

"One more bucket of chickens!" Suddenly, Han Xiao yelled.

"Damn you!"

"Go get it and pay!"

Damn it!

Ning Xi swore. If this man was not a monster, she would surely fight him.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes, then smiled sweetly. "Sure, I'll pay, but you have to take care of the people following me."

"Just for one chicken bucket?" Han Xiao obviously felt like he was being taken advantage of.

"It's two, alright? I paid for the one before too!" Ning Xi argued.

"F-Fine" Han Xiao finally made the tough decision after some struggle.

After another round of guzzling, Han Xiao took the last chicken drumstick in his hand and left KFC with Ning Xi.

Two men in sunglasses left after they saw Ning Xi move.

Ning Xi drove the car to the outskirts.

A four-wheel-drive went in their way and blocked Ning Xi's car, two middle-aged men alighting from it.

"Ning Xi, follow us."

One of the slightly chubbiermen swiftly went up and caught Ning Xi's wrist firmly.

In that brief moment, Ning Xi raised her right arm and pushed the man away.

"Ning Xi, don't cause any trouble. I'm giving you another chance. Follow us or you'll face the consequences"

There was a sense of coldness in the chubby man's eyes.

Ning Xi stood where she was with a grin. It was an evil little grin.

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