Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1956

These two people were trained. They even had guns on them.

Nevertheless, Ning Xi was not afraid.

On the left side of the car, there was a monster even scarier than cluster bombs.

At this moment, Han Xiao sat in the passenger seat beside the driver, still chewing on a bit of the remaining fried drumstick.

"Look at you two big guys, bullying a lady. That's not too nice, is it?" Han Xiao said as he looked towards the two men outside the car.

When they heard him, the short and skinny man walked up and closed the passenger car door again. He stared coldly at Han Xiao. "Eat your food. Don't go seeking death."

The orders that they had received were to take Ning Xi back with them. If Ning Xi did not cooperate, then they would resolve her quickly.

As for any other people, it was not within their area of consideration.

After Han Xiao finished eating the drumstick, he wiped the oil stains from the corner of his mouth and said, "It's pretty good. Want to have some?"

Han Xiao wound the car window down and looked the short, skinny man beside him.

The short and skinny man had yet to come back to his senses as he asked subconsciously,"Have what?"

"I'll treat you to a drumstick."

Then, Han Xiao threw the chicken bones in his hand, and there was the vague sound of something slicing through the air.

The drumstick bone was thrown right into the skinny, weak man's mouth.

"Uhh... Ahh..."

The odd object got stuck in the short and skinny man's throat. He had only taken two breaths at the most when the man's face turned ashen and his eyes bulged. In the midst of his struggle, he made crying sounds.

"Is it that yummy?" When he saw the short, skinny man's incredibly pained expression, Han Xiao's eyes revealed a ruthlessness.

Moments later, with the sound of a plop, the skinny, weak man had fallen hard onto the ground. His body twitched non-stop.

"You... You're looking for death!"

Such a situation made the chubby man's expression instantly change. He immediately whipped out a handgun from his waist and aimed it at Han Xiao.


Before he could see how Han Xiao moved, there was a white flash and Han Xiao had already appeared by the chubby man's side, five of his lean fingers casually wrapped around the gun.

The chubby man wanted to pull the trigger by reflex.


The chubby man's pupils suddenly shrunk. The trigger had long been blocked by this young man's fingers, and he could not shoot at all.

"What rotten thing! Let me take a look."

In a flash, Han Xiao grabbed the gun from the chubby man's hand.


When he saw that the black gun muzzle had been turned on him, the chubby man's body trembled and he looked terrified.

The two of them were well-trained assassins while this sissy who looked incredibly young contained a terrifying force that was beyond a human's understanding.

With almost no means to retaliate, the tables had been completely turned in between the jokes of that man with the demonic charm.

"This lousy toy, how do you use it? Is it..."


Before Han Xiao finished, a muffled noise came from the muzzle and the bullet shot through the chubby man's head.

"Argh... Sorry, sorry, my hands are covered in oil. I made a mistake."

Han Xiao stared at the chubby man who had fallen to the ground and smirked faintly.

When she saw Han Xiao's expression, Ning Xi could not help but tremble too.

To label him as a monster was not exaggerating at all.

As a friend, he would bring you an extremely intense feeling of security.

As an enemy...

She could not imagine.

"Han Xiao, you show off! Why did you kill all of them?!"

When Ning Xi returned to her senses, the two men had already been killed by Han Xiao.

It happened so quickly. Even if Ning Xi wanted to stop him, she was too late.

"I'm a show off? What does this have to do with me being a show-off? I'm helping you kill them. It's not my arrogance that killed them." Han Xiao casually threw the gun to the side.


Ning Xi almost puked blood onto Han Xiao's face. What abilities of comprehension did this crazy person have? His language teacher must have died especially soon!

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