Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1958

Even though Ning Xi was quite famous, her popularity was still only confined within the country. In Hollywood, artistes like Ning Xi could merely get a supporting role.

It was the first time in history for a Chinese artiste to take on the role of a female lead in Hollywood.

The film crew was the world's best too. Even some of the artistes who played insignificant roles were also quite famous in Hollywood.

Most importantly, the producer this time was the mysterious Jace...

Based on just the situation in China, many of the big shots' managers used all sorts of methods to get a small role for their artistes. Even just being cannon fodder would be worth it...

Sadly, almost none of them succeeded.

Even if Lu Jingli was extremely confident in Ning Xi's capabilities, there did not seem to be any logic in the matter.

Thus, to guard against the unexpected, he was not assured and still asked a few more questions.

"Sis-in-law, forget about how 'Assassin' is a remake of a mega-classic. Even if it was a normal Hollywood movie, have you seen any Chinese female star play the lead role? Even if it was just an important supporting role, there are very few. In fact, there's almost none... Hmm, how old is Jace now?"

Lu Jingli suddenly thought of something and tried to change the topic without sounding stiff.

Ning Xi obviously knew what Lu Jingli was thinking about. She straightforwardly said, "At least 80 years old! Stop thinking about nonsense! Mr. Jace is a very nice person!"

"Then, could the old mister have lost his mind?" Lu Jingli muttered softly.

"Hmm?!" Ning Xi instantly squinted her eyes.

"Uhh... I must say, this time the producers of 'Assassin' are indeed quite skilled. They aren't restricting themselves and dare to break through to try new things. It's considered good fortune too that they actually discovered such a super artiste such as my sis-in-law. Even I'm a little envious!" Lu Jingli immediately made a thumbs-up and corrected himself quickly.

"Don't lick my boots." Ning Xi immediately stuffed the apple that she had just peeled into Lu Jingli's mouth.

As he caught a glimpse of the shiny fruit knife in Ning Xi's hand, Lu Jingli smiled to flatter her. "Sis-in-law, what are you saying? What's my status? How could I be licking your boots? I only lick dragon boots... Haha..."

Lu Jingli changed the topic. "Sis-in-law, for 'Assassin', I remember that there's a male assassin character. I think that would suit me."

Ning Xi could remember this character clearly too.

The old version of the male assassin was considered an important role too. Back then, Hollywood's famous comedian, Marlow, had played the character.

Ning Xi still remembered some classic scenes of a man wearing a female disguise.

"Forget it! Mister Lu is handsome and confident. How could you possibly act as him? Don't ruin the dreams of thousands of girls!" Ning Xi rolled her eyes at Lu Jingli.

"Only you are so considerate of me, Sis-in-law!" Lu Jingli looked touched.

At this moment, the door creaked open.

Lu Tingxiao put his keys away and there were bags of fresh vegetables and meat in his hands.

"Bro, have you resolved the company matter?" Lu Jingli promptly ran over to ask.

Lu Tingxiao walked into the kitchen, washed his hands and then returned to the living room. He simply said, "It's no bother."

"That's good if it's fine. That's good! I won't disturb you guys. I'll leave now!" Lu Jingli was ready to slip away, reluctant to be force fed with their display of affection.

"You're already here. Just stay for dinner!" Ning Xi said.

"Mmm, well..." In between his fear of their intimate display of affection and the temptation of delicious food, Lu Jingli still chose to surrender to his appetite in the end.

"It's still Sis-in-law who cares about me. Let's just happily decide on that then!" Lu Jingli instantly retreated back and sat down on the sofa to begin watching a movie.

What a rare opportunity!

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