Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1960

"Oh my God!"

Lu Jingli heard a roar just as he was about to fall asleep. He leaped out of his bed to see a large shadow outside the window engulf him.

Lu Jingli was intimidated when he saw the large white tiger, especially with its cold eyes.

The white tiger roared again at the terrified Lu Jingli.

"Bro! Sister-in-law! It's a ghost! No... It's a tiger... A living tiger"

Lu Jingli did not even bother with his shorts. He sprinted out of the bedroom and ran upstairs.

The roar just now was strong enough to crack rocks, summoning the survival instinct of fear in anyone. A fear of being below it in the food chain.

"Bro, Sister-in-law, huge problem, huge problem!" Lu Jingli kept on yelling as he reached the second floor.

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi were already outside their room.

The roar was too loud for them to ignore it, and they had not fallen asleep anyway.

"It was a tiger roar alright. The beast should be around here. Could it really be a tiger that escaped from the zoo?" Ning Xi thought it was weird.

"Around? It's right outside my window!"

Lu Jingli was still terrified. He almost pissed himself when he saw the huge white tiger outside his window earlier.

"Go over and have a look," said Lu Tingxiao.

"Bro, it's a tiger. Do you think it's a monkey?! Don't you remember that your brother, I, almost got eaten by a tiger when I was little?" Lu Jingli clung to Lu Tingxiao like an octopus.

Lu Tingxiao stared at him. "Get off me."

"Oh" Lu Jingli said pitifully.

Ning Xi followed behind Lu Tingxiao as the three of them went into the guest room.

The moonlight was hazy that night. A huge white tiger appeared before the effulgence.

"A white tiger"

Lu Tingxiao frowned. How could there be a white tiger in Imperial?


Suddenly, Lu Jingli focused on the back of the tiger and goosebumps rose all over him.

It was really a ghost this time!

Ning Xi shivered as well.

A white tiger appeared outside her house at midnight was already creepy enough, then Lu Jingli had to suddenly spout this word from his mouth.

Ning Xi was never scared of anything except ghosts

"It's a person." Lu Tingxiao quickly comforted the girl. He looked at the back of the tiger and noticed a human figure.

"Bro, a person on the back of a white tiger? Are you kidding me? It must be a ghost!" Lu Jingli mumbled.

"Just what is it?" Ning Xi frowned.

Lu Tingxiao went closer and finally saw who it was.

"Han Xiao," said Lu Tingxiao.

"What?" Ning Xi thought she misheard him.

What did her darling say just now?

"Han Xiao," repeated Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi went forward.

"What the heck?!"

Ning Xi was shocked when she finally took a good look at the young man on the white tiger's back. Her mind went blank.

Han Xiao was currently unconscious and had several visible wounds on him.

"It's true... He's Han Xiao, the super martial arts master!" Lu Jingli's mouth gaped open wide.

Every man had a fantasy within him.

In video games or martial arts books with knives and swords, one would fantasize about excelling in martial arts in real life.

Lu Jingli had been looking forward to meeting Han Xiao after he found out about his existence.

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