Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1965

Lu Jingli was looking at Ning Xi like she was a maniac.

She just called something so scary "cute" and was stroking it!

Suddenly, Ning Xi spoke to Han Xiao who was eating a peach, "Han Xiao, I've decided." 

Han Xiao looked at Ning Xi. "What?"

"I've decided to take care of your Bengal white tiger. You don't have to thank me." Ning Xi hugged the white tiger and did not want to let go.

"Take care of my white tiger?" Han Xiao was taken aback, unsure about what Ning Xi was talking about.

"Are you kidding me?" Han Xiao's mouth twitched. She wanted his tiger and asked him not to thank her. Was she a robber?

"Big bro Han Xiao!" Ning Xi pleaded in a soft tone.

"No way," Han Xiao declined instantly.

"Grandfather Han Xiao!"

"Impossible." There was no place for compromise.

"A hundred KFC buckets!" Ning Xi grinned.

"Nope." Han Xiao was not moved at all.

"I'll give you a whole KFC store…" Ning Xi pulled out her trump card.

"No way even if you give me ten thousand of them."

Han Xiao was even able to endure the temptation of KFC, so Ning Xi gave up.

It was really not easy to tempt a person with a huge appetite!

Lu Jingli did not sleep for the whole night. Unlike Ning Xi who was smitten with the white tiger, he could not sleep well at all.

He was afraid that he might end up in the tiger's belly if he fell asleep.

Han Xiao stayed for several days. Lu Tingxiao arranged everything and let Han Xiao recover in peace.

As for Ning Xi, she enjoyed her time with the white tiger so much that she wished Han Xiao would just stay there forever.

After a week, Han Xiao recovered completely and let himself out with the white tiger.

Before he left, he made up an excuse that the white tiger needed food, so he took almost every food item and snack from Ning Xi's house.

Ning Xi only realized it after Han Xiao left with his white tiger.

What the heck?! Was there any tiger that ate snacks?!

What a good-for-nothing foodie!

Several days later, Jace called Ning Xi to meet up at the private club they had met at the last time.

It was already afternoon when Ning Xi arrived.

Jace pulled out a seat like a gentleman when Ning Xi came in.

Ning Xi was pleasantly surprised. "Thank you, Mr. Jace."

"You're welcome, Ms. Ning Xi. If possible... well... could you... call me Grandfather?" Jace mumbled nervously.

Ning Xi was taken aback.

This kind and gentle old man, who was also her idol, had asked her to call him Grandfather.

She could never turn down a request like this.

"Grandfather Jace," called Ning Xi.

"Thank you…" There was an indescribable expression in Jace's eyes.

"I wonder what it is that you want to talk to me about today?" Ning Xi asked.

"Oh, it's about the candidates for the male assassin, Carl." Jace finally got to the main topic.

"The male assassin…"

Ning Xi remembered that in the movie "Assassin", there was a male assassin called Carl. As an important secondary character, he was an assassin who disguised himself as a woman. He was on good terms with the female lead and they always went on missions together.

"The new Carl has had some changes in his background. He's a mysterious Oriental assassin, Chinese to be exact, highly capable, and just below the female assassin in terms of skills. I think it'll be suitable to scout for a character like this in China," explained Jace.

The changes in the new "Assassin" was minimal, and Ning Xi fully understood the changes made in this part.

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