Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1967

"A male assassin," said Ning Xi.

"A male assassin…" Jiang Muye stroked his chin. He actually fancied roles like assassins that could play it cool.

"A cross-dressing one," added Ning Xi.

"What?" Jiang Muye's expression changed.

"A cross-dressing assassin!" Ning Xi explained.

Jiang Muye jumped up and started yelling as he pointed his fingers in front of Ning Xi's nose. "Ning Xiao Xi, you maniac, you haven't given up on it yet! Why must you make me cross-dress? Keep your dirty thoughts. I'll never wear a female outfit!"

"Really?" Ning Xi narrowed her eyes.

"Really, most real of all! If I wear a female outfit, I'll be your son!" Jiang Muye chuckled coldly.

"Sigh…" Ning Xi shook her head. With a regretful expression, she lamented, "Well, I wanted to share some nice things for you, but you don't want it. Fine then!"

"You can keep your so-called nice things to yourself!" Jiang Muye looked like he was done with her.

"Sadly, I'll just have to find someone else for the role of the assassin, Carl." Ning Xi turned around and was about to leave.

"What? Assassin Carl?!"

Jiang Muye blocked the exit when he heard what Ning Xi said.

"You mean... the Hollywood movie, 'Assassin'?" Jiang Muye asked incredulously.

"Yes, what else?" Ning Xi nodded.

"You're lying, Ning Xiao Xi! Why would they look for a Chinese actor for such an important character?" Jiang Muye was really doubtful of her.

Even if they were really looking for a Chinese actor, how was it related to Ning Xi and why would they let Ning Xi decide on the actor?

"Take a look."

Ning Xi took the contract out and tossed it over to Jiang Muye.

With a skeptical attitude, Jiang Muye opened the contract and read through it carefully.

After a while, Jiang Muye's pupils shrunk.

It really was the contract for the new "Assassin". More specifically, it was for the role of Carl!

Ning Xi would never use such things to trick him.

"What the heck!? Ning Xiao Xi, how did you get this? You're the best!" Jiang Muye was thrilled over the moon.

Jiang Muye was a loyal fan of "Assassin" and had probably watched the film over a hundred times.

Most importantly, his super idol Jace was the producer for the new "Assassin"!

"Give it back!" Ning Xi snatched the contract back.

"Aunty, don't... I'll do it…" Jiang Muye beamed.

"I'm sorry. Not even calling me your aunt can do it!" Ning Xi was not buying it. "Just now, someone said that I'll be his father if he's going to do it…"

"Father!" Jiang Muye yelled immediately as he stared at Ning Xi.

Ning Xi was speechless. She had nothing more to say to Jiang Muye.

He was so reluctant to take up this role and had even said some harsh words before when she asked him to take up the role.

Yet, now he was calling her father and wanted to sign the contract desperately.

What happened to his integrity?

Jiang Muye smiled and tried to make his grin even more genuine. "Father, I'm wrong! Really!"

Ning Xi's mouth twitched and she passed the contract back to Jiang Muye. "Take a good look at it. I need to reply to them."

After signing his name on it as soon as possible, he asked curiously, "Ning Xiao Xi, how did you get me this character?" 

"Mr. Jace asked me for a recommendation, so I gave your name since I think you're suitable," said Ning Xi simply.

Jiang Muye was surprised when Ning Xi mentioned Jace so casually.

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