Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1970

"What? What did you say? An outdated female artiste who didn't get a cameo role?" Xu Tao made an exaggerated expression."I'm afraid you're old and ignorant now!"

Zheng Anru looked at Ning Xi and Xu Tao, not caring to hide the disdain in her eyes, they were already at this stage, and still, they were being pretentious.

"Ms. Ning Xi, we heard that you auditioned for the crew of 'Assassin' too. You were vying for the same role as Ms. Zixuan, but in the end, you were defeated. May we know if this is real?"

"Ms. Ning Xi, does this prove that even if you've been in the limelight recently, and even snagged five huge rankings, on an international level, you still can't beat Ms. Zixuan?"

When she heard a media reporter ask such a question, Zheng Anru sneered. This question should be asked more often.

Before Xu Tao could say anything, the official 'Assassin' press conference announcing the roles had begun.

All of the reporters no longer paid attention to Ning Xi. They quickly rushed into the venue in hopes of finding the best angle for their reporting.

Xu Tao brought Ning Xi to enter the venue from another route instead.


At this moment, at the press conference, King Weir, Lilian and the rest were already seated.

All of the characters in the new "Assassin" had arrived.

Cameo characters such as Zixuan did not have a seat. Every one of the seats was occupied by important characters.

"Why is there one more empty seat?" One of the reporters was puzzled.

"Lilian... Is she sitting in the seat of the secondary female lead?"

An even more observant reporter noticed Lilian's seating position was not as the female lead, she sat at the secondary female lead's seat.

"Could those previous rumors were wrong? Lilian is playing the secondary female lead role and not the lead in Assassin."

"Then, who's the female lead?"

"Should be one of the other super popular actresses in Hollywood. I'm guessing it's Jennifer. If not, then Blanchett!"


Just as all the members of the media were guessing, Ning Xi walked into the venue.

When he saw Ning Xi, King Weir politely stood up and pulled out the seat for the female lead.

When they saw this, all of the media looked around as their eyes searched for the two Hollywood actresses.

"An outdated female star trying to freeload on popularity all the way here? Doesn't she care about being a disgrace to China?"

When she noticed that Ning Xi and Xu Tao had entered the venue too, Zheng Anru smiled grimly.

"Exactly, but she couldn't defeat Sis Zixuan, there's nothing to be done about that. After all, it's the press conference of the 'Assassin'. Coming over to just look around and see so many Hollywood big shots could be a solace to her failure too."

"People like her can only watch Sis Zixuan with King Weir and Lilian share the same stage. What chance does she have?"

"She wouldn't be here to crash the scene again, would she? She's so shameless!"

The two assistants in front of Zixuan scoffed.

Not only Zheng Anru and the rest, many of the local media saw Ning Xi.

"Ms. Ning Xi, since you've failed to be chosen for the role, your competition with Ms. Han Zixuan ended in failure. As the country A-lister, you've come to Assassin's press conference venue, don't you think it's a little unsuitable?"

More than ten reporters walked up and surrounded Ning Xi to ask, "Ms. Ning Xi, may we ask how you're feeling at the moment?"

"Apologies... Excuse me, please make way..."

Xu Tao was too lazy to deal with these people. He shielded Ning Xi and walked straight towards the stage.

Thus, under everyone's watchful gazes, Ning Xi unexpectedly walked towards the direction of the press conference seats.

"Ms. Ning Xi, please have a seat."

While at this moment, King Weir, who had already helped pull open the chair, did an incredibly gentleman hand gesture indicating "please".

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