Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1982

Previously, Ning Xi was afraid that Lu Tingxiao would be worried about the stalker incident, so she had not told him.

Tonight, someone had invaded Deer Town and broken through their door.

Thankfully, Han Xiao's white tiger was there this time. Otherwise, even if she and Lu Tingxiao could handle the two people, Little Treasure was there too. If there was the slightest mishap, she dared not imagine the consequences.

With the white tiger there, there should not be any issue for now.

"Don't worry, I'll get Tang Lang to come over. It's best if you don't leave the house for the next few days," said Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi nodded. "Mmm, send Little Treasure to the old residence! You too, be very careful!"

The other party's target was clearly there. Obviously, Lu Tingxiao could be implicated along too.


They were undisturbed for two days. The other party did not seem to have plans of ambushing again; they were probably preparing for the next attack.

Instead, it was Han Xiao who came uninvited.

When the white tiger saw Han Xiao, it was very excited. It immediately ran towards Han Xiao.

"Wow, you've been eating quite well!"

When he saw that white tiger had ample energy, Han Xiao laughed.

"Well, that depends on who's taking care of it. Why don't you just give it to me to raise? That way, it doesn't need to brave the winds with you!" The longer Ning Xi looked after it, the more she was reluctant to part with it.

"That can't do." Han Xiao shook his head.

Ning Xi was just casually mentioning it as she knew that Han Xiao definitely would not agree to it.

"Hehe, Master!" Suddenly, Ning Xi pulled Han Xiao's arm.

"What? Do you want to treat me to a meal?" Han Xiao shot her a look from the corner of his eye.

Ning Xi instantly choked.

Could he stop only thinking about eating? It really affected his glorious image!

"It's like this, Master. I've been targeted by assassins. The night before, someone even invaded Deer Town to ambush me... Master, please protect me, please!" Ning Xi said with sparkling eyes.

"I can't. I still have things to do," Han Xiao rejected firmly.

"Is it an emergency?" Ning Xi thought that if it caused trouble for him, she obviously would not push it further.

"KFC has released a new set meal. I want to go line up for it," said Han Xiao with a straight face.

"What?! Master, please don't mess with me anymore. In fact, how can you not keep your word?!" Ning Xi complained.

"Not keep my word?" Han Xiao was confused.

Ning Xi dug around and immediately took out the whistle that Han Xiao had given her back then. "Didn't you say then that you would agree with me on one thing? To consider returning me a favor! Then, you gave me this whistle!"

Thankfully, this whistle was still around. After the incident, Lu Tingxiao had helped her retrieve it back.

"Didn't I already return the favor? I saved you the last time!" Han Xiao said.

"No." Ning Xi shook her head. "I didn't blow the whistle the last time."

"So what if it wasn't you that blew it? I still saved you." Han Xiao's expression was very matter-of-fact.

"Did I ask you to save me?" Ning Xi retorted.

Han Xiao thought about it earnestly, then he said, "No."

"Since it wasn't me who blew the whistle, and it wasn't me who asked you to save me... then how can this favor be considered returned? Master, don't you think so?" Ning Xi grinned, her expression even more justified.

"Right..." Han Xiao said subconsciously.

"Master, I knew you were reasonable!" Ning Xi instantly praised Han Xiao endlessly.

If she could let Han Xiao guard the area, she would not need to be afraid of any assassins!

So, no matter what, she had to trick the Master to stay!

Han Xiao had wanted to argue, yet he was tongue-tied.

Ning Xi was not wrong at all. The whistle had not been blown by her, and she had not begged for him to save her.

"It still doesn't feel right..." Han Xiao stared blankly at this girl opposite him.

Ning Xi said, "I'll get people to line up and buy you the new set meal right away. I'll send it over within half an hour!"

Han Xiao responded instantly, "Okay!"

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