Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1988

"Eh, I'm shaving. I haven't shaved for a few days now. The stubble is hard to bear..."

The European elder shook his head, the sharp surgical blade continuing to move back and forth his chin.

"Your chin is bleeding," Tang Lang ate his watermelon as he blinked and said.

"Oh... No problem, no problem. It's a small issue!" The elder lifted his hand and used his sleeve to wipe off the blood traces.

"Do you want me to help you shave?" Han Xiao asked.

"No, no, no..." The elder quickly shook his head.

"Don't be shy." Han Xiao tossed the watermelon rind straight into Yorick's face.

When he saw that Yorick was slightly stunned, Han Xiao frowned and asked, "Is there a problem?"

"No problem, no problem at all. I wonder where the watermelon rind flew from. It's a small issue," assured Yorick.

Han Xiao shrugged, then he took the European man's surgical blade.

"Stand properly and don't move. Otherwise, I'll cut you..."

Han Xiao finished and started to help the elder shave.

When he finished shaving his beard, Han Xiao did not stop. He unexpectedly shaved off all of the elder's hair, shaving his head bald.

"Grandfather, why did you shave off his brows too?" Tang Lang asked mirthfully.

"It's pleasantly cool!" Han Xiao answered.

"Does it feel pleasantly cool?" Then, Han Xiao turned to ask the European man.

"Cool! Very fresh and cool!" The European elderly repeatedly nodded, he was afraid that if he said anything wrong, he would offend this madman.

When he heard, Han Xiao felt satisfied, he held the surgical blade and walked to Yorick's side.

Without any explanation, Yorick's thick mustache, brows, and hair had also been shaved clean.

"Doesn't it feel pleasantly cool?" Han Xiao looked at Yorick and asked with a smile.

"Cool! Thanks for the trouble, Master Xiao, I've wanted to shave it all off for a long time. It feels really good." Yorick's face flashed with a flattering smile.

"Thank you, everyone, that will be US$ 500 each." Han Xiao hurled out his hand.

Yorick and the European elderly came back to their senses, they quickly searched themselves.

"Master Xiao, I didn't bring any money with me.I only have US$ 300..."

"I only have US$ 400..."

Yorick and the European man took out all of the US dollars on them and handed it over to Han Xiao.

"You owe me US$ 100, you owe me US$ 200," Han Xiao counted and then said.

"How about this? Let's follow China's bank interest rates to calculate. Don't forget to return me the money then," Han Xiao put the US$ 700 into his pocket.

"Okay, okay, okay... Master Xiao, we still have some things to do, so we'll leave first. Later on, we'll send you the money..."

Yorick pulled away the European elder who was frozen where he was, wishing his parents had given him a few more pairs of legs to flee. He almost rolled and crawled out as they ran out of the house.


"Dude, buy more watermelons and get some meat." Han Xiao threw the US$ 700 at Tang Lang.

"Okay, Grandfather," Tang Lang nodded and said.

Ning Xi stood on the side. She was thoroughly impressed and bowled over in complete admiration.

She had shaved off the brows, hair and moustache of the two assassins who were in the top ten Original Sin's rankings, plus he had even extorted US$ 700 from them.

In the end, he had asked Tang Lang buy more watermelons and meat.

US$ 700?! Bloody hell! How much watermelon and meat could that buy.

Ning Xi finally understood that Han Xiao was an idiot through and through...

"Grandfather, why did you let them go? You should've just kill them!" Tang Lang kept the money in his pocket and grinned at Han Xiao to say.

"Kill them?" Han Xiao was stunned. He looked at Tang Lang with a puzzled expression. "Who were they?"

When they heard him, Tang Lang and Ning Xi almost puked three liters of blood.

They had done all that for so long, shaved all their hair and had even asked for US$ 700...

In the end, Han Xiao actually did not know who the booth of them were and what they had come for...

Suddenly, Ning Xi felt bad for the two assassins.

It really was not easy for them!

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