Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1989

An enraged voice came through the other side of the phone.

"Damn you, bastard! Don't you know who's in Deer Town?! You just simply asked the higher-ups to assign this mission to us?" Yorick was extremely angry. "I don't want to waste my time on you. Get someone to send over US$ 300 and bear the consequences yourself if something goes wrong!"

Yorick then hung up the phone.

Qiao Yi was confuse. He had no idea why Yorick was so angry.

What was with that US$ 300?

Moreover, the forces of the European King had issued this order. How was that related to him?

No matter what, Qiao Yi was not an idiot. If "Doctor Death" and Yorick were not able to finish the job, Lu Tingxiao might indeed have someone incredibly strong there.

"Might we need to use that person?"

Feng Jin frowned while Qiao Yi remained silent.

The person Feng Jin mentioned was not well-known. Still, he was the strongest assassin in the European King's force. It was not an exaggeration to call him the best in the world.

Qiao Yi contacted the European King's force once again and requested them to send someone stronger.

"Qiao Yi, do you mean you want us to use Xiao Zhan?" Asked a low and deep voice.

"If Xiao Zhan is willing to, then there'll be no problem."Qiao Yi smiled.

"Do you know that Xiao Zhan tried to assassinate Han Xiao the last time and was injured? He's currently still recovering."

"Han Xiao?!"

Qiao Yi was taken aback when he heard the name Han Xiao.

While he had never seen him before, he was well aware of Han Xiao.

Several years back, the European King had betrothed his youngest daughter to Han Xiao.

However, Han Xiao did not want to get married, so his relationship with the European King broke down.

Over the years, the European King had sent dozens and dozens of assassins to kill Han Xiao, yet none of them were able to come back alive.

Qiao Yi had heard some news about Han Xiao as well.

It was said that he was a genius from a renowned family, and that he was so strong that common sense did not apply to him.

"Xiao Zhan... survived?" Qiao Yi asked.

In Qiao Yi's mind, Han Xiao was equivalent to the word "invincible".

Probably only the legendary Qin Wentian would be able to have a fair fight with Han Xiao.

People of their calibre only existed in legends. No matter how strong Xiao Zhan was, he was still not at their level.

"Just a little more and Han Xiao would have been dead! Too bad…" There was the sigh of a deep voice.

Xiao Zhan's assassination skills were top of the world; even Han Xiao almost got done in.

"Xiao Zhan is incredible…" Qiao Yi lamented.

Just a little bit more and he could have killed Han Xiao! What a miracle! Even though he failed, he was still able to injure Han Xiao.

"Qiao Yi, let me tell you, Yorick called me just now. Do you know who's guarding the Lu family right now?" The other side of the phone asked.

"Who is it?" Qiao Yi asked.

"Han Xiao."

"What?!" Qiao Yi gasped.

The person in Deer Town was Han Xiao?!

How was that even possible?!

Just what kind of relationship did Han Xiao have with Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi? Why would he be helping Ning Xi in Deer Town?!

Qiao Yi had no idea that Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi knew Han Xiao.

"No matter how powerful your assassins are, it's all futile. Even the top killer of the Original Sins, Li Suifeng, was killed by Han Xiao effortlessly. It's no wonder Yorick would complain about it. We'll let Xiao Zhan go!"

Before Qiao Yi had a chance to speak, the call was hung up.

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