Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1990

In Deer Town.

It was a dark night, and the stars and the moon were nowhere to be seen.

On the sofa, Ning Xi was covered in blankets as she was cuddled in Lu Tingxiao's arms while holding a game controller in her hands. She was playing video games with Tang Lang.

Han Xiao was eating a watermelon while squatting, and his white tiger was sleeping beside him.

They were supposed to be facing attacks from groups and groups of assassins, yet in the end, it had become more like a vacation instead.

She was really pleased that she got to spent a lot of sweet time with Lu Tingxiao at home.

After Han Xiao was done with the watermelon, he threw the rind away in the bin and stared at the three on the sofa.

Han Xiao then stood up and turned off the game console.

"Grandfather, what are you doing? I almost killed Ning Xiao Xi!" Tang Lang complained.

Ning Xi was speechless. "Dream on! Master saved you!"

"Go to sleep, lock your doors," instructed Han Xiao.

Tang Lang was taken aback. Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao looked at each other.

It was the first time Han Xiao used such a tone.

Could it be that the assassin tonight had been tough?

"Sleep then!"

Tang Lang was not worried at all. He was very confident of a certain maniac, so he put on his slippers and went back to his bedroom.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao as he gave her a comforting gaze then they went upstairs together.

Han Xiao would never say something meaningless. If he asked them to go to bed, then they would just have to cooperate.

After Ning Xi and the bunch went to bed, Han Xiao turned off all the lights, then lay down on the sofa.

The night was quiet till past midnight.

A skinny-looking man appeared inside the house like a phantom.

The doors were all locked, so no one knew how he got inside. It was as if this skinny man had been hiding there long ago.

"Han Xiao, you were lucky the last time. Tonight, you have to die," the skinny man blurted. There was no emotion in his eyes.

He took out a dagger and went near the sofa, staring at the snoring Han Xiao.

Some time ago, the skinny man had tried to assassinate Han Xiao in China and had almost succeeded.

No matter what, he had to kill Han Xiao.

The man whipped out a shining dagger.


The dagger went straight to Han Xiao's heart without any hesitation.

At the same time, Han Xiao suddenly opened his eyes and raised his right arm.


Han Xiao grabbed the skinny man's wrist.


The skinny man was dumbfounded, unable to believe it.

"Xiao Zhan, it's really late right now. What business do you have with me?" Han Xiao stared at the skinny man and said expressionlessly.

"Impossible! How did you notice me?"

Xiao Zhan could not believe it.

"Why do you think I let Yorick go back?" Han Xiao grinned.

After Yorick and "Doctor Death" left, they would surely have told the European King's force about him being in Deer Town.

Knowing that he was in Deer Town, the European King force would then surely get Xiao Zhan to assassinate him.

Han Xiao was well-prepared and would not make the same mistake again.

He had been waiting to catch this man ever since he almost died the last time!

"Xiao Zhan, it's true that your assassination skills are top-notch. However, even your master will need to be respectful to me. As for you, you're naughty!"

Han Xiao mustered strength in his right arm, then tossed Xiao Zhan away.


A loud thud echoed through the house.

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