Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1991

The loud bang woke the three people upstairs up. They quickly rushed out of their bedrooms and went to the living room.

As Xiao Zhan was thrown out, he did not give up, he kicked the wall with his feet and then aimed the dagger at Han Xiao's heart again.

In that brief moment of time, Han Xiao flicked his finger and hit Xiao Zhan's right hand.

Xiao Zhan screamed in agony as the dagger flew somewhere far away.

"Xiao Zhan, you were naughty the last time. See if I'll still let you live today!" Han Xiao grinned. It was an evil grin.

He then grabbed Xiao Zhan's neck.

At this urgent second, Han Xiao turned over to peer at the three people on the stairs. "How should I deal with him?"

"Grandfather, beat him to death!" Tang Lang yelled.

Ning Xi blinked. "Mmm, I don't see an issue with that."

Lu Tingxiao went along. "Agreed."

Han Xiao was taken aback and stared at them in shock. "You guys... How're you guys so cruel? Talking about killing people so casually! Could you kill me one day too?"

Suddenly, there was a crack.

Xiao Zhan's neck had been crushed by Han Xiao.

Han Xiao was shocked, he looked at the dead Xiao Zhan, and then looked back at the three people upstairs, "What happene? Did you guys kill him?"


Tang Lang's mouth twitched. "Grandfather, you killed him…"

"I killed him? Are you sure?" asked Han Xiao.

Tang Lang was annoyed. "If I didn't see wrongly, Grandfather, you killed him…"

"I'm sure you killed him. His neck's been crushed. It's really cruel... I didn't know you'd be this way. Master. I was wrong about you!" Ning Xi said.

"It should be you who killed him," Lu Tingxiao said.

"Hmm... I think my hand slipped. I didn't do it on purpose!" Han Xiao said as he looked at Xiao Zhan who was dead by now.

Tang Lang, Ning Xi, and Lu Tingxiao were speechless.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at Han Xiao. She had seen a lot of shameless people, but not one of them were as shameless as Han Xiao.

It was obvious that he wanted to take revenge for what had happened the last time, so he crushed that skinny man on purpose and acted innocent.

Not only that, Han Xiao wanted to blame them even though he killed the person.

They were all on the stairs, how could they kill, with psychic powers?!

"I think Master Han Xiao is really shameless. What do you guys think?" Ning Xi smiled and looked at Tang Lang and Lu Tingxiao.

"Don't be rude, Third Junior Sister. Don't talk about my grandfather like that or I'll get angry! While he's a little shameless, shameless people are invincible... My grandfather is the best. What he's saying makes sense!"

"It's alright," Lu Tingxiao said.

"I want to eat watermelon!" Han Xiao ignored them and plopped down onto the sofa.

"I'll get it, Grandfather!"

Tang Lang went into the living room swiftly and took out the ice cold watermelon for Han Xiao. He then dragged Xiao Zhan's body outside.

Ning Xi went downstairs and sliced up the watermelon, then she handed it to Han Xiao with glittering eyes.

"Master, you let Yorick and the doctor leave on purpose, didn't you? You did so to lure this man out!" Ning Xi exclaimed.

"Yorick…" Han Xiao stared at Ning Xi. "Who's that?"

Ning Xi was speechless.

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