Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1995

Su Yan felt his throat run dry. He took a deep breath to calm himself down, then he said, "Xiao Xi, come over to Starlight!"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows when she heard Su Yan. She did not expect him to be there to recruit her.

Su Yan's gaze was gentle. "Xiao Xi, you've been struggling on your own for so many years. Even though you're doing well now, no matter how much Glory World prioritizes you, it's still a monetary relationship between you and them. If you're in Starlight, at least, I can take care of you.

"Or if you're tired, you can always take a break and you won't need to push yourself…"

"Haha!" Ning XI laughed. "CEO Su, do you mean that you want me to be your mistress?"

Su Yan's expression changed and he quickly replied, "I didn't mean that, Xiao Xi! I just want to take care of you!"

"CEO Su, please take care of your wife and son. You don't have to worry about me."

Su Yan's face turned pale when he heard Ning Xi. "You know about it..."

Su Yan looked at the girl in front of him and tried to explain. "I didn't lie to you, Xiao Xi. I went back and already had the lawyers draft the divorce papers. I asked Xueluo out to talk to her, but that night, Xueluo suddenly fainted and was admitted into the hospital. Then, the results came out. She's pregnant…

"I really couldn't bring myself to tell her under those circumstances. I know I let you down again, Xiao Xi. Wait for me. Give me more time, okay?"

Su Yan then gazed at the girl nervously, but she closed her eyes as she rested her head on the rope of the swing. She seemed to be asleep.

This scene…

As if Su Yan was under a spell, he walked over to the girl uncontrollably.

Just moments before his hand touched the girl, someone suddenly dashed out and blocked Su Yan's hand as he stood in front of Ning Xi.

Jiang Muye's eyes were icy cold. "CEO Su, as someone else's husband, I'm afraid this isn't appropriate."

The word "husband" made Su Yan seem unwell. "Xiao Xi is drunk. Please ask her assistant to come over to take care of her."

Jiang Muye scoffed, "It's none of your damned business!"

He then stared at Ning Xi who was sleeping peacefully at the moment, then he helped her get up.

Stupid girl! Please be more aware of your surroundings!

Ning Xi opened her eyes. "Blondie…"

"Didn't I ask you to control your drinking?! Why did you drink so much?!" Jiang Muye roared at her.

Ning Xi pinched the space between her eyes. "I only drank a glass…"

After waking up from her coma, her body had mostly recovered, but of course, there were some residual effects. She found out that her tolerance to liquor had become much lower.

Jiang Muye quickly left the little garden with her angrily. "That Su bastard almost had you just now, do you know?"


"Of course, you should thank me! You must have done something really good in your past life to have me as your ex-boyfriend! I'm going to be so pissed off with you if you compare me to that trash again!"

"Of course not! You're my nephew!"

"Say it again, who am I? Do you think I won't just leave you here?"

"Bro! Bro... About what happened today, please don't tell my darling…"

"You only care about your darling!"

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